A little more me-time and a little less FaceTime in 2021

Helping you feel like you once again

The unexpected side effect of Covid-19

In 2020, many of us spent more time looking at our own faces than ever before. This has not been the result of some newfound vanity, but courtesy of the rise in video calls. At no other time in our lives have we been obliged to spend quite so much time staring at our own faces. Not only that, but it’s been our own faces at the mercy of aggressive computer lighting. The net result has been a somewhat unexpected side effect of Covid-19; diminished self-esteem. But how did we get here and how can Spabreaks.com help inject some confidence back into 2021?

‘Lockdown Face’

“‘Lockdown Face’ has become a thing … We were inundated with queries saying, ‘I’ve noticed that my frown line is terrible, that my lips need doing, or my nose is crooked” - Ashton Collins, director of Save Face, a UK government-approved register of accredited cosmetic practitioners.

Many of us are familiar with the feeling, as like some sort of strange Pinocchio story we see lines, wrinkles, grey hairs, moles and spots grow before our very eyes, as time on a conference call ticks by. They become the only things we can see, the things we can’t un-see, and it has a knock on effect for our mental wellbeing as well.

The need for digital detox is real

We all know that for all the benefits of digitisation, and there are many, too much time online can be bad for our health. We have heard the terms ‘digital detox’ more often than we care to admit, and we have all been told to stop looking at our phones late at night because of how they impact our sleep. For many this year, the computer has been a lifeline - for work, for communication, for contact, for food shops, for education. However, how we manage our time offline has not risen proportionately. Most of us have not been prepared for some of the more insidious side effects that creep up following extended time across digital platforms, affecting how we feel in general and how we feel about ourselves.

What we feel and how it affects what we see

The reality is that how we feel about the way we look is rarely actually about the way we look, and usually much more about our overall wellbeing. Whether we feel stressed, whether we feel healthy, whether we feel relaxed, fulfilled, cared for and whether we have something to look forward to - it all has an impact on our physical and mental health, and it all feeds into one another. It can even affect how we literally see ourselves.

Paying positive attention to face, mind and body to help you improve the way you feel about yourself is part of your overall wellbeing. For some, that might mean having a facial every now and then. Perhaps a massage will change your sense of perspective and help you get back into your body and out of your head. In reality it’s a combination of lots of things.

You're allowed to feel good!

Each individual will have things that help them to manage their sense of wellness on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and there’s no single solution for all things and all people. However, stepping away from the computer and putting dedicated time aside to look after ourselves does make a difference. Wellbeing is about so many things, and in our experience, addressing that starts with doing a little and often to take care of ourselves.

This year we want to break the stigma around self-care and its relation to vanity. At Spabreaks.com we recognise that spa treatments such as a facial or a manicure offer far more than a temporary aesthetic gain, they make you feel good about yourself. Whether you commit to quarterly spa breaks, regular facials or perhaps just setting aside 10 minutes at home to paint your own nails, we urge you to rediscover whatever makes you feel good about yourself, leave the insecurities of 2020 behind and make 2021 all about you.

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