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Utilising a wealth of knowledge and expertise secured from more than 50 years in the spa and wellness industry, SATCC was pioneered.

Celebrating our industry innovators and their mission for change

Born of the fear of causing harm, historically therapists have been taught not to provide spa treatments to anyone with cancer. This approach has been compounded because insurance companies wouldn’t cover therapists treating clients with cancer, and there was no coordinated and singularly recognised standard of care and training.

However, recognising the need for change, a number of industry innovators have worked to create therapist training and protocols to provide and adapt spa treatments in a way that is now recognised by insurers. So now those options are available, the goal has been getting as many therapists as possible trained in the correct standards, as well as empowering consumers with the information to know they are booking the right spa experiences and the right standards of care for them.

SATCC, working with, are proud to be celebrating and thanking the key partners who have contributed so much to the industry and the development of these standards.

All of their great therapies, products and trained therapists can be found and booked through We lend additional support through our highly trained spa specialists who will listen to all of your requirements and any concerns and help you choose the spa experience you deserve. These are all available within our Safe Hands for Cancer spas.

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Sue Harmsworth

Sue Harmsworth

Founder of ESPA

Sue Harmsworth is an inspirational and visionary leader who over the past 45 years has shaped the spa industry as we know it today. She founded the global brand ESPA in 1993 and sold it in 2017. Sue is responsible for the design of over 500 award winning spas in 65 countries and for creating ground breaking products, treatments and wellbeing programmes globally. Sue has an MBE from the Queen for services to the spa and beauty industry, is a recipient of the ISPA Visionary Award, American Spa Industry Icon, CEW’s achiever award and sits on the Advisory Board for GWS, GWI, AMAALA and Forbes.

Sue is currently advising owners, private equity and industry charities on concepts for wellness and medical destinations, aesthetics and skincare standards.

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Founder of Jennifer Young and Beauty Despite Cancer

Jennifer has a BSc (Hons) in Biology, is an experienced microbiologist, a nutritional therapist, an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, a qualified aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator. She has two post-graduate qualifications one in a health-related field and the other in Law. She has been accepted by the Courts as an expert witness for occupational health cases, has taught internationally and has been active in medical research.

Jennifer is the founder of, creator of specialist skincare for cancer patient collection, Defiant Beauty, and author of 16 accredited oncology touch therapy qualifications.

Abi B&W

Abi Selby

Founder of

The founding principle of was to make spa experiences more accessible to anybody and everybody who wanted to go. Abi wanted to bring back the ancient purpose of spas as places of sanctuary for mind and body.

However, accessibility has also meant challenging outdated and damaging limitations within the spa industry. In particular, she and her team at have worked to break down barriers and drive change in the industry approach to treating anyone with or recovering from cancer, or with any other illness or disability.

Amanda Winwood V2

Amanda Winwood

Managing Director of Made for Life Organics

Made for Life has been instrumental in opening doors to people with cancer. It has been a life changing experience – for us, the therapists we have trained and above all the women and men who have been able to walk into a spa and receive a treatment, having been turned away.

Therapists should be able to deliver and bespoke a spa treatment and also the ability to converse with anyone living with cancer empathetically and knowledgeably. Working closely with Oncology specialists, CIBTAC and the Complementary Medical Association to create the Cancer Touch Therapy three day training programme which has changed the ability of spas to welcome anyone has been a privilege. The aim is to ensure that the 90% of spas who turn people with cancer becomes a thing of the past.

Christine Clinton

Christine Clinton

Founder of Christine Clinton Cancer Care

Christine Clinton Cancer Care is an education company specialising in teaching therapists how to safely and effectively work with guests living with cancer in a spa setting. Christine has been in the spa and wellness sector for over 30 years and is certified in many modalities including Massage, Skincare, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Medicine and Mind Body Medicine. Christine has been a spa director, a spa owner, in private practice and was Chief examiner USA for an internationally recognised awarding body based in London (ITEC).

Julie Moore

Julie Speed

Founder of Amethyst Trust

Julie has worked in the beauty industry for 35 years, including working in education and being salon based. Julie held the position of General Manager of BABTAC for 4 years and was also previously a board member for the UK Spa Association. Julie’s focus now is on a successful training academy training therapists from Level 2 up to Level 4 including apprenticeships and also spreading the message that massage for people living with cancer is a good thing and should not be contraindicated, through her work with the Amethyst Trust which Julie co-founded in 2010.

Marc Innes

Marc Innes

Owner and Principal of the School of Natural Therapies

Marc owns and is the Principal of the School of Natural Therapies – a massage and holistic therapies academy, which has grown into one of the busiest training academies in London. Marc began his career in the NHS, working in several managerial and training roles within the Ambulance Service – culminating in the role of Superintendent at London Ambulance Service Control Centre.

With an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Marc collaborates with external therapists, education leads and heads of department to train, educate and inspire people in oncology massage.

Kush Kumar

Kush Kumar

CEO of Think Tree Hub

Kush Kumar’s career background has been diverse in nature, reflecting versatility, spanning Education/Training, Retail, Health, Wellbeing and SPA therapies sectors, combined with experience of business ownership, leadership and management.

He has written and delivered qualifications for Universities, Awarding Organisations and worked with Ofsted participating in inspections. As well as holds a number of Board Member, Examiner and international Speaker roles with professional bodies across the globe. indicating reputation as a business expert and influencer for the health and wellbeing industry.

Dedicated to quality assurance and robust industry standards and practices, therefore he takes a continuous improvement approach to all aspects of work.

This has led him to founding ThinkTree Hub an International Professional Association where he sets, achieves, and maintains high standards, whilst supporting therapists, training providers and contributors for the industry of health, wellbeing and spa.

Kim Ford

Kim Ford

Global Consultancy Examiner & Lecturer for Beauty Enterprise Solutions

Kim is a global industry expert and owner of Beauty Enterprise Solutions, Consultancy, and Training, specialising in education, business start-ups, business turn around by training developing and motivating individuals and lead multi-skilled teams to achieve their full potential, quality assurance checks and expert witness services. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years, across over 37 countries in the areas of beauty, spa, sports, nails, holistic therapy, and medical aesthetics. Kim has been touched by cancer and passionate about aiding others in this area.

John Holman

John Holman

Managing Director of Hydrotherm Massage Systems

John is a massage therapist and trainer holding numerous qualifications, with over 50,000 hours of hands on experience. In 1990 he designed a massage system to protect the wrists and backs of therapists called Hydrotherm. John is the managing director of the company that distributes the product and provides the training to use it and we have around 2,500 therapists here in the UK.

Julie Moore

Debbie Moore

Founder of Amethyst Trust

Debbie has worked in the beauty industry for 29 years. Director of Cedars Health and Beauty Centre and the International Beauty and Holistic Academy (IBHA) and also a co-founder of the Amethyst Trust, a charity that developed a training course for therapists to learn how to confidently and competently massage people living with cancer and to be able to welcome those clients into their salons and spas. Debbie has a passion for developing course materials and helping to raise standards within beauty therapy training.

Lisa Barden

Lisa Barden

Group Director at Arora Group

Former Chair of the UK Spa Association and board member since 2014. Lisa’s goals for the industry are to open up spas to welcome more people, more often to lead a life towards wellbeing.

She has been in the industry for 25 years and a qualified trainer since 2004. Lisa has 7307/7407 qualification trained across all continents and has taken specialised courses in Lymphology and Cancer Care with the Amethyst Trust. Her experience spans across spa, beauty, aesthetics and wellness with her current role being the Group Director of Spa & Wellness for the Arora Group.

Marian Hook

Marian Hook

Director of MJH Spa and Wellbeing

Marian worked with ESPA for 23 years, firstly managing the ESPA Global Design Division and latterly as Director of Training, managing a team of internationally recognised training managers and heading up new treatment development. Here, she worked with Wellness for Cancer developing and adapting massages and facials for spa guests living with cancer, as well as designing the therapist training to support this. Marian is now founder of MJH Spa & Wellbeing, using her knowledge in concept creation, treatment development, treatment excellence training and product solutions, to work with both brands and spas alike.

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Diane Hey

Chief Executive, employer, practitioner and educator

Diane Hey founded Armonia Health & Beauty and Armonia Training Academy, in 2000, government approved to provide specialist apprenticeships to the sector across England.

She has over 34 years of experience as a therapist, employer, educator, quality lead, beauty awards judge and consultant. She has a passion for maintaining and raising standards and standards development to support employers and future therapists, and as an employer retains a deep understanding of the relevance and importance of the skill and knowledge levels required for a successful career.

She holds a number of advisory roles specialising in standard setting including extensive expertise at National and Government level for technical and professional educational routes to employment.