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We believe in the many positive benefits of spa experiences and that they can and should be available to help the health and wellbeing of everybody. We want to bring back the ancient purpose of spas as places of sanctuary for mind and body.

That’s why we are working to make spas accessible and enjoyable for every body by providing an unrivalled choice of spas and spa packages, through first class service and convenience for all of our guests.

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Founded by Abi Selby, Spabreaks.com is a spa booking service working with more than 500 spa destinations in the UK and overseas and arranging spa days and breaks for up to 6,000 people each week. From a small team of three, we have grown to a family of more than 60 members of staff in our Brighton office.

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Now the leading spa booking and recommendation platform in Europe, Spabreaks.com strives to offer the best experience. That means the best customer service, multiple booking options, a wide variety of packages, exclusive spas and locations, and expert advice. We back all of this up with our price match guarantee.

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Our pioneering services

The Elysium Collection

Only the very best of the best are invited to join our Elysium Collection range of spas and treatment. Each venue is hand selected and works with us to produce a totally exclusive service, only available to Spabreaks.com guests.

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Personalised wellness and recovery retreats

Going to a spa should be a time of complete privacy and relaxation for everyone, which is why we are particularly proud to be able to offer a new genre of experience in the form of Recovery Retreats, specifically designed for guests who are living with or recovering from cancer and may be experiencing the effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Mindfulness and wellbeing

Mindfulness, wellness and wellbeing is all about you. It’s about taking the time to ensure you are happy and healthy. A wellness spa break or retreat is the perfect way to escape the stresses and strains of modern life and take time to focus on you.

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Pregnancy spas

If there’s any time when you deserve some serious pampering it’s when you’re expecting a baby. For mums-to-be in their second or third trimester, pregnancy spa packages are all about making you feel like the wonderful woman you are. Treat yourself or give them as a gift to a friend or partner.

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