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Spotlight on Glass House Retreat wellness spa

New to this year and a joyful addition to the spa industry, Glass House Retreat is everything you could ask for in a spa. Elegant, modern, eco-friendly and serving a healthy and delicious plant-based menu, it is a purpose-built wellness destination offering tailor made retreats to help you live a healthier, fitter, and more relaxed life. Here’s everything you need to know.

Glass House Retreat wellness spa

A complete wellness spa

The whole experience at Glass House Retreat is about wellbeing. In the spa, this is of course particularly prevalent. For example, facilities include a salt block sauna, cryo chamber, a gym and a heated leisure pool. There are also 12 treatment rooms where therapists deliver a collection of therapies ranging from nourishing wraps to the latest Dermalux® and Lipofirm technology treatments for enhanced skin health and focused cellulite reduction. There is also a ready supply of herbal tea and post-treatment restoration created in the form of plant-based cuisine.

Glass House Retreat

A stylish combination of architecture and natural surroundings

The hotel is set in seven acres of countryside, but in also within easy reach of London. The natural surroundings set the scene for tranquility, while the architecture incorporates a predominantly glass structure, especially in the spa area, so the rolling fields can be enjoyed whether you’re inside or out.

Glass House Retreat

An eco-friendly hotel and spa

The eco-friendly building is about wellbeing in all areas, which include taking care of the environment. For example, it includes solar panels, a ground source heat pump, and rainwater recycling technology.

Glass House Retreat

A plant-based menu

Co-founded by Joy Jarvis, a lifelong devotee of vegetarianism, Glass House champions nutrition as a key component of sustainable wellbeing. As a result, the spa restaurant is dedicated to a healthy vegan menu of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains—local, fresh, and delivered daily. The whole purpose is to make you feel cared for, happier and healthier than when you arrived.

Wellness spa meets luxury experience

This is an adult-only experience that’s all about wellness, but without compromising on understated luxury. For example, like the rest of the retreat, thanks to large windows each room is spacious, but with a sense of relaxed decadence thanks to beautiful soft furnishings, plush finishes and muted tones that inspire a sense of relaxation.


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