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Why plan your 2023 group spa getaways now?

Plan now to enjoy the best wellbeing experiences with friends next year

Most of us are just about getting our heads around the upcoming Christmas festivities at the moment, but there's something else we need to take into consideration - next year. Planning for next year's getaways, especially those with friends has multiple benefits - here's why it's time to plan your 2023 group spa getaways now.

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Planning spa breaks helps us enjoy them more

While we might all be worrying about costs courtesy of inflation and the cost of living crisis, for many people that doesn't mean going without nice things - but it does mean planning better. A last minute escape is a glorious thing, but when we're aiming to be cost savvy, planning can be a great ally. The more organised we are with our travel plans, the more we have time to:

  • Research the best offers to suit our preferences
  • Plan financially so that costs are covered by the time we go away
  • Save if necessary
  • Make the best choices for our wants, needs and budgets
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Rest is essential

No matter how much is happening in the world, we can't do much if we're not well. Looking after our health and wellbeing, taking time out, laughing with friends - it all helps us work smarter, harder and with more enthusiasm, ready to take on the world. Having things planned into the diary is something to look forward to, but it also helps us make sure we do take the time to rest, rather than getting caught up in everything and simply carrying on until we're exhausted.

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Time with friends is valuable

Time with friends is so important on so many levels - mental, physical and emotional wellbeing - plus it's a lovely thing to do. However, time runs away, life gets busy and a year can quickly roll on by, especially if you want to organise a group of people from different locations. If you're anything like us, if it's not in the diary it won't happen. Again, knowing it's booked, having that lovely experience to look forward to - it's a reason to get booking now before spas get booked up.

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