How do you do a spa day for kids?

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Give them a taste of spa

Spas often have age restrictions when it comes to certain facilities as well as treatments. In general, therapies are not available for anyone under the age of 16. So one of the benefits of being at home is that you can start to introduce your kids to spa-style wellbeing practices that can really inform how they care for themselves, and how they learn to relax and unwind.

Naturally you need to be careful when it comes to products used on children’s skin, so make sure you read any labels and follow advice. Beyond that, there’s no reason they can’t join you in your spa experience.

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose essential oils that are known to support children’s wellbeing to scent the room. For example, mandarin is known as the children’s oil in France. Its fruity aroma dissolves tiny tantrums and the refreshing scent cools hysterical outbursts.
  • Let them take part in choosing the relaxing music for your spa day.
  • Use child friendly body creams to encourage them to massage their hands and feet.
  • Make caffeine free herbal teas for you all to enjoy together, such as mint or chamomile - add honey to taste if they prefer.
  • Encourage them to join you in dressing in their robes and slippers to sit and relax.
  • Create face masks using home ingredients such as oats, avocado, natural yoghurt and honey, and let them remove them with warm clothes.
  • A manicure or pedicure is an easy way to introduce a child to spa experiences. You could simply file and massage a gentle moisturiser into their hands and feet, or if you are happy to apply polish then it’s a great way to help them take a little time to sit quietly while it dries!

  • Always check any products, natural or otherwise, in case of allergies and in line with children’s ages, especially when used topically or ingested. If in any doubt, speak to a doctor before use.*

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