How do you do a spa manicure or pedicure?

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Getting started

Where a spa manicure or pedicure is different to that quick file and polish you might normally do, is the care that therapists take to make it a full experience.

You will need: a high quality nail file, a luxurious scrub, a rich moisturising hand cream, cotton buds, a base coat nail polish, your nail colour of choice.

You can adapt your manicure or pedicure as you see fit, but here’s our quick guide to treating those hands and feet:

  1. Remove any traces of old nail polish first
  2. Cleans and exfoliate hands or feet, taking your time and enjoying the scents. Massage hands or feet with a nourishing cream, taking care to gently push cuticles into place with the cotton buds if needed.
  3. Clean and shape nails as you choose your nail file
  4. Apply your base coat, leaving a good five minutes for it to dry, and then apply two coats of polish, leaving it to dry for at least five minutes each time. Finally apply a top coat of clear polish for good measure.
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