How do you prepare for a spa day?

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How do you prepare for a spa day?

There’s not a lot you need to do in advance of a spa break, but there are a few things that will help you to make the most of your day or break when you get there. Above all else, it’s about relaxing, so once you arrive you don’t really want to have to think about too much - a little planning can go a long way to supporting your relaxation. Naturally, the team at will do most of the work for you, but here are a few things you can do or tips that will help you ask the right questions when booking to ensure you get the spa experience that you want.

  1. Let the spa know about any allergies or health conditions in advance
  2. Arrive early
  3. Plan how you want to spend your day
  4. Think about when you want to have your treatment
  5. Think about when you want to eat
  6. Plan what to take with you
  7. Remember to relax
  8. Remember to drink enough water

Let the spa know about any allergies or health conditions in advance: Whether it’s a food allergy or a health condition, pregnancy, serious illnesses such as cancer or recent surgeries, if you have any particular requirements that may affect the spa treatments that you have, it’s best to raise them in advance - either when booking your spa break or by contacting the spa a few days before you arrive. In general, spa experiences can be adapted for individual requirements, but some spas have a greater capacity to accommodate certain health conditions than others. By speaking to someone in advance it helps to make sure you’re safe, have an experience that gives you what you need, and also helps to avoid any disappointment on the day.

Arrive early: This is probably the best advice anyone can give you when going to a spa. That’s partly because it’s polite, but mostly because it sets the tone for your day. The main point of going to a spa is to relax and unwind. So you don’t want to arrive in a fluster having got stuck in traffic. - Leave plenty of time for the unexpected en-route. - Make sure you have time to use the facilities such as the pool, sauna and steam room, before your spa treatment. - Arrive at your spa treatment 15 minutes before it’s due to start to give you time to fill in your consultation form and, again, so you don’t arrive feeling flustered. Headspace is an important part of getting the most from your spa treatment.

Plan how you want to spend your day: A spa day is about relaxing, so you don’t want to over plan. However, having an idea of what you want to do and when will allow you to make the most of the experience. For example, you may want to check the times of any exercise classes you want to join. You can do that before you arrive or at the start of your visit. If children are allowed in the pool and you want to avoid them, you may want to arrange to have your spa treatment at that time rather than go for a swim. Equally, if you’re on holiday with your family you may want to check where and when the children can join you.

Think about when you want to have your treatment: We have a little rule. We like to use all the spa facilities first on a spa day before our treatments. We swim, use the sauna and steam rooms and then shower off before having any therapies. This is partly because we tend to want to sleep in the relaxation area after a spa treatment. It’s partly because all those facilities prep your skin and body to make the most of your spa treatment. And iIt’s also partly because once all those lovely products are on your skin, you want to leave them on long enough to really work their magic. It’s not a hard and fast rule, it’s just a recommendation; try to arrange your treatment in the afternoon rather than first thing when you arrive on your spa break.

Think about when you want to eat: Food is often one of the great joys of any getaway, including a spa day or break. What you have and when you have it will depend a bit on the type of spa break you choose. You might be going to a health spa for the weekend, in which case meal times may be suggested and tailored to your experience. If you’re on a spa day with afternoon tea you might prefer to eat after you have used the spa so you can relax and refuel after swimming and treatments, for example. Usually when we arrive anywhere, the first thing we want is a cup of tea or a smoothie to unwind, especially if we’ve had a long drive. It just allows us to settle into our surroundings and get into the right frame of mind.

Plan what to take with you: This is always a hot topic before going on a spa day, and having the right clothes for the different environments is definitely something that will help you to relax. We’ve got a whole list of recommendations on this one, that you can read more about in our What to Take on a Spa Break guide.

Remember to relax: We often find that when we arrive on a spa day it takes a little while to slow down and simply enjoy being. We all have our own ways of doing that, but don’t underestimate the power of time simply sitting by the pool or in the relaxation room. Go for a swim, sit in the sauna, but remember this is your time and you don’t have to do ANYTHING.

Remember to drink enough water: Whether you’re on a decadent spa day with a Champagne afternoon tea or a complete health spa experience, make sure you drink enough water. Spa treatments can be dehydrating and you don’t want a headache or to feel unwell. This is your spa break and we want you to enjoy it as much as humanly possible.

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