How to redeem your gift voucher

Our simple step by steps for redeeming online

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Have you been lucky enough to receive a gift voucher or have a spa credit? It’s never been easier to convert your gift into a relaxing spa escape. Simply enter your voucher code at the checkout when making a booking.

If you'd like some additional guidance on redeeming your voucher, follow the easy steps below.

Unsure whether you have a gift voucher or spa credit? Spa credit codes will begin with SC. Gift voucher codes will begin with an X- or Y-. For more information on redeeming a spa credit, see our spa credit guide.

Step 1: Find your desired spa experience

Browse and find your perfect spa experience.

If your voucher is for a specific spa or experience, simply search for the spa and find your package. If your package is no longer available, you see a different package you’d prefer or you’d like to visit a different spa - not a problem! You are welcome to use the monetary value of the voucher towards any package on if you wish.

Step 2: Enter your booking details

Once you’ve found your desired spa experience, simply click Book Now to select your travel date, room type and number of people.

Step 3: Enter your voucher code at the checkout

After entering all of your booking details, you will be given the option to add a gift voucher before proceeding to payment.

All online redeemable voucher codes will start with an X- or Y-. For example: X-ABCD-EFGH-IJKL. Alternatively if your voucher is a spa credit, it will follow a 6 figure alphanumeric sequence, starting with SC. For example: SC-ABCDEF and can also be redeemed online.

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Online redemption FAQs

My gift voucher is due to expire, can I extend it?

If you would like to extend the validity of a gift voucher that is due to expire, please email us before the expiry date at to request an extension. Our team will review your request and be in touch as soon as possible.

Please include your voucher code (beginning with an X or Y).

Please note once a voucher has expired we will not be able to reactivate it.

The package on my voucher is no longer on your website, what can I do?

Spa packages are seasonal and will sometimes expire before the end of your voucher’s 12 month validity period. In this instance, you are welcome to select an alternative package or spa and use the monetary value of the voucher instead.

Why isn’t my voucher code working?

All online redeemable voucher codes will start with an X- or Y-. If it's a spa credit, a 6 digit sequence starting with SC. For example: SC-ABCDEF.

If your gift voucher follows a different code pattern, this will need to be booked in with a member of our team. You can contact us by emailing

Can I part-redeem my voucher?

Our online redemption process does not currently support part-redemption. If you would like to use a specific amount of your voucher towards your booking, please speak to a member of our team on 0800 043 6600 or email

Whilst you are currently unable to specify an amount to redeem of your voucher, if the value remaining on your voucher exceeds the cost of the booking, then you will have the remaining balance remaining on your voucher to use at a future date. For example, if you have a £100 voucher and make a booking of £50, you will have £50 remaining for a future date.

My booking is cheaper than the value of my voucher, what happens now?

Any leftover credit will remain on your voucher until the end of its original validity period. Simply use the same voucher code again on your next booking to use the remaining balance.

My voucher is for a specific spa but I would like to go somewhere else, can I change it?

Yes, if you would like to book an alternative spa you are welcome to use the monetary value of the voucher towards any spa on experience across