Is it okay to get a facial when pregnant?

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As with all spa treatments, it is perfectly ok to have a facial during pregnancy, but there are certain products and treatments that are best avoided until after you’ve had your baby. Equally, as skin changes during pregnancy, dedicated prenatal therapies or adapted facials will work to address any concerns that you may have, help make you feel your best and also ensure you feel safe and cared for on your spa day or break. With so many dedicated options available, there’s plenty to choose from.

Many women experience a number of skin changes during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations and blood flow. Some see changes in pigmentation, with some darker patches appearing on the cheeks and forehead. Others find that small blood vessels and capillaries are more visible, that they are more prone to flushed skin or acne during pregnancy.

Others might simply find that skin is more sensitive or just different to the way it normally looks and feels while they’re expecting. All of these are reasons to both talk to your therapist before your facial, as you would with any spa treatment, to make sure that they help to address any areas of concern, avoid causing irritation, and make sure you get the optimum benefit from your spa treatment.

Many spas will be able to adapt most of the facials on their treatment menus for women during pregnancy, and if you would like to see if that’s possible, then it’s best to contact the spa ahead of your visit to speak to a therapist and see what they recommend. To really keep it safe, it’s best to opt for a dedicated prenatal facial, and most spas now offer a variety of really lovely options using approved products and techniques.

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Pregnancy Glow Facial at Chewton Glen

Chewton Glen is a magical spa destination and, in case you’re thinking about it, a wonderful babymoon retreat where you and your partner can bond before your baby arrives. Their Pregnancy Glow Facial is a tailor-made facial designed to give you a glow when your skin is undergoing changes due to hormones. Throughout the facial, products are chosen to meet the needs of your skin, and to give it that maternal bloom and radiance you were promised!

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Ultimate Radiance Facial at Grayshott Spa

A glow-inducing and toning OSKIA facial with bespoke face and eye massage. This facial uses a combination of anti-ageing and glow-inducing techniques to illuminate the skin and leave the face, body and mind rejuvenated and skin brighter, hydrated and toned. The facial consists of specialised facial and eye contour massage techniques, lymph drainage and acupressure to lift, relax and contour the face and increase ingredient transportation into the skin. 65 minutes.

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