Spa Manicures, Pedicures and Polish Treatments

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Spa manicures, pedicures and polish treatments

Manicures and pedicures can be so much more than just a file and polish, although if you’re short on time, that’s a wonderful pick-me-up too, either at home or at a spa.

What is included in a spa manicure?

Nourishing oils and creams are used on the skin, and both manicures and pedicures are excellent ways to treat yourself, get ready for an evening out in open-toe shoes, or get ready for a holiday. However, they are also perfect for sharing, especially at Champagne nail bars). They’re ideal for small groups of friends or as part of a hen party or celebration, time with a loved one or mother/daughter spa days where you can talk at the same time as having your treatment together, especially if the spa has a dedicated manicure/pedicure station. That way, you can book your treatment for the same time, and enjoy one another’s company in the process.

A pedicure is a treatment for the feet, involving shaping and painting of the nails, tidying of cuticles, and softening of skin. Although luxury pedicures can also include calf massages and reflexology elements.

Manicures are treatments for the hands, again usually involving shaping and painting the nails, tidying the cuticles, and nourishing the skin with oils and creams. Finishes range from regular polish to gel, which is dried under a UV lamp and lasts up to three weeks.

Well known gel polish brands include CND Shellac, Gelish, Jessica and OPI. It’s also possible to have nail overlays or extensions applied at some destinations.