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In Memory of Lang

Our dear colleague, who had been with since it first began

Lang's story

At the journey to Safe Hands is not only an ongoing one, it’s also been a very personal one.

Professionally, we have been touched by the stories of clients who are going through cancer. We have been humbled to hear from those who have lost friends and family to cancer, and those who have sent us personal stories of the impact that cancer and cancer treatments have had on them and their loved ones. We have also received beautiful recollections about the quality time that a tailored spa experience has given to friends and families and their loved ones with cancer, away from the rigours of clinical environments.

However, we have also experienced the effects of cancer on a personal level. Many colleagues have friends and family who have had cancer. Some have survived and some have not. Our own, dear colleague, Lang Rynjah, who had been with since it first began, was one of the people we lost to cancer in 2019, shortly after his 40th birthday.

Lang had been the biggest champion of every member of the team, the management and our clients at, especially those in need of a little extra TLC.

If you have been a client of for a few years, you may well have spoken to Lang on the phone or by email, and no doubt you will have been lifted by his vibrant energy and enthusiasm.

It is to Lang that we dedicate our Safe Hands initiative, always striving to commemorate his effusive and eternally positive attitude to life.

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