Rhassoul And Mud Treatments

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What is a Rhassoul?

Mud baths, rhassouls/rasuls and mud treatments come in a number of different guises, and have been cleansing and healing practices for thousands of years. Introduced to different cultures around the world with their own variations, but largely operating on the same theme. Today we associate them with luxury spa experiences, and they can be a wonderful way to prepare for another therapy such as a massage, as well as being a spa treatment in their own right.

Also referred to as rasul mud treatments or rhassouls, mud bath spa experiences vary but operate on similar principles.

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Rhassoul FAQs

What happens in a rasul?

Essentially they are dedicated, private steam rooms. You are given pots of spa mud to apply to your face and body, or you can help your partner apply them as well. As part of the treatment, sometimes the spa will suggest applying a scrub to your skin first, sometimes they recommend it after the mud. Some mud can be applied to the hair, but you don’t have to get your hair muddy if you prefer not too. You then relax in the steam room with the mud on to let it work its magic, detoxing, softening and nourishing the skin.

What are the benefits?

It’s an Arabic cleansing ritual in origin. The volcanic mud contains lots of minerals that feed the skin, and having opened the pores with the steam it is predisposed to absorbing the nutrients. So it’s particularly good for times of the year when the skin is dry. It’s perfect pre-holiday to prep skin for a lasting tan, or in the middle of winter when the heat is perfect for relaxing, it’s got a myriad of general health benefits as well. It’s great for the respiratory system because of the steam room component, good for relaxation, detox and also for rejuvenating the skin.

Who is it perfect for?

Generally experienced as self-administered therapies, mud baths and mud rasuls are perfect for people who want to try spa therapies but are not keen on being touched by a therapist. However, they’re also perfect for sharing with friends as well as partners (depending on the size of the steam chamber). As a result, they are great for group spa breaks and hen parties, as well as making ideal couple’s spa treatment for time together and feel-good factor.

Where to experience a mud rasul?
  • Macdonald hotels: Macdonald Hotels have a reputation for making beautiful spa experiences easy to enjoy. They are known for their accessible prices, gorgeous treatments and welcoming environments, and now three of them have added a rasul mud treatment into their packages for that extra touch of spa magic. Macdonald Craxton Wood Hotel, Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Golf and Spa and Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa are the three within the group that all have rasul mud chambers.
  • Taking the idea of a steam room to a whole new level. Celtic Manor, the spectacular hotel, spa and golf resort in Wales, has a spa with an Elemis herbal steam chamber. Here, small lights mimic the constellations where you can have rasul-style treatments.
  • Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel and Spa in Wales are also geniuses at offering strawberries and cream muds in the summer, or chocolate orange scrubs in the winter. Bryn Meadows is a longstanding favourite of spa goers for its relaxed atmosphere and attention to detail.