Spa Etiquette

Frequently asked questions…

Going to a spa is a wonderful way to relax – we should know, but if you have never been before and there are questions that you want to ask but don’t feel able to … don’t worry, everyone has them!

So, to put your mind at rest we thought we would answer a few of the most popular questions that we are asked by our customers – and if you have any more, simply mention it your sales consultant when booking your spa break or email us at!

Is it safe to go on a spa break if I am pregnant?

In your first trimester there are a lot of things that you should avoid at a spa including the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and steer clear of aromatherapy and anything that puts pressure on the stomach – so massage is best avoided. However, there are lots of other, gentle treatments you cans still enjoy including facials, manicures, pedicures and head massages. After the first thirteen weeks you can branch out a bit – it is always a little dependent on the individual pregnancy, but it should be ok to use most facilities at this stage. Nonetheless, still avoid over stimulating treatments like aromatherapy and deep tissue massages. For any special considerations consult your doctor before coming along, and if in doubt, ask a therapist! Otherwise, have fun, because there are lots of pre-natal treatments and packages available just for you!

Are there any other times where going to a spa might cause problems?

If you have recently been severely ill or had surgery it is best to check with your doctor before booking a spa day, however it is particularly important to mention if you currently have or have had treatment for cancer within the past two years. Spas are notoriously nervous about treating customers who have cancer and if you arrive on the day without telling them about it, the likelihood is that you will be refused treatment. It is for this reason that has pioneered Recovery Retreats, which are specifically designed for anyone who is suffering with the disease and provide a safe, discreet break – for more information visit the website or contact the team, and for a customer review visit our Hot Tub Blog.

Do venues have treatments for teenagers?

Some venues will operate a policy of only allowing customers aged 18 years and over, and we will be able to advise you on this when booking. In terms of treatments, most places will offer teenagers less than 16 years old basic treatments such as mini-manicures or pedicures, however they do always have to be accompanied by an adult.

What should I wear on my spa break?

Aside from checking whether the restaurant requires a dress code, a spa day is about being relaxed; so wear something comfortable, take a swimming costume (or two – one to swim in, and one to have your treatments in because it’s horrid having a massage in a cold, wet bikini) and a pair of flip flops; and find out whether the spa provides robes, towels and slippers before you go!

What should I wear to have my treatment?

Oh the horror of wondering to what extent you need to strip off for your treatment! Well, for most of your day you will probably be in your swimming costume, a robe and slippers anyway, so when you head to your treatment it is best to stay that way (although as we have already said, we do recommend putting a dry swimming costume on if you have been in the pool – merely for comfort’s sake). A therapist will usually tell you what to keep on or take off, but if you are not comfortable or are unsure – speak up! It is also perfectly acceptable to wear your underwear for your treatment.

When should I arrive and what time do I need to leave on my spa day or break?

Helpfully this varies from venue to venue, and you will be advised of a check-in time when you book. However, most spa days ask you to arrive any time from 10am, and you are free to use facilities all the way up until closing time. On overnight breaks, check-in is usually around 3pm and check-out is from 11am; however if you would like to use the facilities before or after those times, most venues will be happy to accommodate you.

From a personal point of view, we recommend you try to have some time in the spa before your treatments – partially because time in the sauna, steam room and pool will allow products to work to their optimum effect, and partially because it doesn’t hurt on the psychological front to have a bit of preparatory down time!

Can I bring my dog?

This is very venue dependent, and as always we will be able to help you with this at the time of booking. Some venues are happy to accommodate dogs, however there may be a surcharge for them.

Can I book extra treatments with my spa package?

Yes, of course! Just ask your sales consultant at the time of booking!

Should I book a time for dinner or lunch?

Yes, the restaurants at most venues get booked up in advance so it’s a good idea to book your meals in at the same time as booking your package.

If I have any special dietary requirements, can they be accommodated?

Yes, absolutely, just advise your sales consultant at the time of booking.

If I am not happy during my treatment or with part of my spa day what should I do?

One of the most common concerns we come across is what to do if you are not enjoying your treatment or if something is not what you were hoping for … is it ok to interrupt a therapist mid-massage? … Yes! Absolutely – a spa day is all about you and all spas would rather you spoke up sooner rather than later because that way they can do something about it! Alternatively, if you would rather speak to a member of the team feel free to contact us directly on