The Spa Effect

What does it mean to you?

Rediscover The Spa Effect

Turn off Zoom, tune into your wants and needs and drop out of the lockdown blues. It’s time to put yourself first for a change and make this year’s New Year’s resolution all about you.

Do you remember when we used to meet friends in person? Those heady days chattering over cocktails without a screen and a WiFi connection between you? Remember what it’s like to relax by the pool with a magazine or feel the thrill of discovering somewhere beyond the four walls of your own home?

The last year has seen us all locked into a routine and monotony that has us putting everyone and everything else first - losing ourselves in the process. There have been so many ‘must dos’ that all of our own ‘need tos’ have gone on the back burner, and for many of us our wellbeing has suffered in the process.

The truth is that those need tos; the down time, the pampering, the relaxation, the space to switch off, the self care, the time with friends, the human connections - they’re the things that give us strength and a sense of self so that we can take on the world and everything it throws at us. It’s also part of the joy of life.

So it’s time to rediscover the things we used to love doing. The things that make us feel good. The things that make us feel like ourselves. We call that The Spa Effect, and it’s time to make it a priority.

With spas operating with reduced capacities, get-togethers being rescheduled and summer staycation plans taking shape, we’re seeing many key dates in 2021 getting snapped up already. For this reason, we’re urging our customers to put a date in the diary, commit to some well-needed downtime and rediscover The Spa Effect.

So, where will The Spa Effect take you this year?

How will you discover The Spa Effect?

10 signs you need a spa break

We’re all guilty for worrying about everyone else’s wellbeing before our own and not admitting that we deserve some time out. Read our top 10 signs you deserve a spa break and see how many you recognise - maybe that will be the justification you need!

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From me, to me

Have you spotted your dream spa trip at the perfect location but just unsure on a date? Commit to making the time for yourself and select the experience as a gift voucher. You’ll have a full 12 months to decide on a travel date and book it in when you really need it.

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UK Staycations

For many, the word holiday presents a vision sun loungers on white sandy beaches and scorching Mediterranean heat. Why not stay closer to home, swap the bikini for a warm fluffy robe and place your lounger by a tranquil spa pool? Inject The Spa Effect into your holiday plans with a spa staycation.

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You're allowed to feel good!

At we recognise that spa treatments such as a facial or a manicure offer far more than a temporary aesthetic gain, they make you feel good about yourself. Here, we reflect on the influence lockdown has had on self-esteem and how we can help inject some confidence into 2021.

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