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In recent years Ireland has started to be recognised as a wellbeing haven on the world stage. It’s something that we, at, have known for a long time and as such have built some incredible relationships with the most exceptional spa destinations, allowing us to bring you some of the best spa experiences and spa treatments.

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Lavender Lullaby at the Farnham Estate

The Spa at Farnham Estate really thinks about the experience that it offers guests, from the water mint thermal suite to the Kneipp walk. Their Lavender Lullaby is the cherry on top, a delicious treatment offering a light, rhythmic massage using warm lavender infused herbal poultices and aromatherapy oils to quieten the mind and soothe muscles. The treatment includes a facial cleanse, full body Balinese massage, a facial massage and a scalp massage.

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Celtic Sauna Ritual at Galgorm Resort and Spa

Described as being a bit like a performance in the dark, the Celtic Sauna Ritual is a sauna experience like you’ve never seen before. Heat from the stones comes off in a vapour, which increases humidity in the sauna (85 degrees). Essences are then added to the sauna to enhance the experience. That might be eucalyptus for breathing, sage for muscle recovery and digestion, and lemon and lavender for a refreshing, uplifting, calming and relaxing feeling. A gong strikes and you head in to spend up to 12 minutes in the sauna as the process promotes sweating and pushes out toxins. The first essence is added, then the second, and then you’re given crushed ice to take the edge off the heat. Then the third essence is added, and after the full 12 minutes you leave the sauna and are taken to a relaxation area to meditatively listen to the sound of the river passing by.

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Customised treatments at Hayfield Manor

Hayfield Manor has been a winner at the Irish Tatler Spa Awards on multiple occasions, especially when it comes to their treatments. In particular, they are known for the way in which they customise their therapies - taking an individual approach and customising treatments to client needs.

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