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  • Restaurant


    There is no restaurant as such, but careful attention is paid to realistic consumption – after all, if you are doing all that exercise, you have to eat!

  • Specialised treatments

    Specialised Venue

    Reboot is not a quick fix, the goal is long term health so it starts with a pre-trip training programme and after the bootcamp you continue to receive weekly programmes for three months.

  • Scenery

    Scenic Location

    Described as the gateway to the Jurassic coast, Charmouth looks out over rolling green countryside and the dramatic Dorset coastline.



Stonebarrow Manor, Charmouth, Dorset DT6 6RA

Spa & Leisure

As a former member of the Parachute Regiment, Mark Hook’s military pedigree provides some reassurance as to the no-nonsense professionalism that you will find at his Reboot bootcamp in Dorset. But this is not an environment for penal hardship; this is a place where diets don’t exist and a happy, healthy lifestyle prevails.
There are three components that make this a holistic fitness camp in the true sense of the word – exercise, diet, and mind training. Having received a pre-trip training programme, over a five day course guests experience thirty different training sessions and are encouraged to think about how to continue doing similar routines at home. The support you receive here is one of its primary benefits with staff and contemporaries fast becoming comrades in the quest for fitness.

Hotel & Accommodation

The first thing you notice about Reboot is the location – not only the rolling countryside, impossibly perfect village of Charmouth and the proximity to the sea, but more prominently the 16th century house, Stonebarrow Manor, that guests stay in, which is infinitely more reminiscent of luxury home than hard core, exercise imbued bootcamp.

The thing everyone is worried about when it comes to anything weight loss or fitness related is the food: nutritionist Naomi Devlin comes to the retreat three times during the week and the emphasis is on health, not diets – weight loss comes but not by focusing on it (an utterly miserable past-time as most people will know) but by focusing on a goal – doing one sit up at the end of the month or perhaps a half marathon by the end of the year. You also leave Reboot with a host of recipes, and in case shopping proves too much of a temptation, many people do an online shop before they leave.