Villa Can Can, Ibiza - Fitness and Yoga Experiences

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Gift of spa

Our spa gift voucher options are available to use nationwide & offer flexibility on venue, date, and price for the recipient.

Gift of spa

Our spa gift voucher options are available to use nationwide & offer flexibility on venue, date, and price for the recipient.

Spa facilities

  • Outdoor Pool

At a glance

  • Hotel spa

    Specialised Retreat

    A specialised retreat in partnership with White Calm Retreats, Villa Can Can is a five star location with luxurious facilities and offering an idyllic setting in which to truly involve yourself in yoga, meditation and an escape to encourage mindfulness both while you’re away and when you return home. Food also has an alkaline focus to support the body throughout your stay.

  • Hen friendly


    With seven bedrooms at the retreat, Villa Can Can is ideal for a group of friends looking for an escape to support a healthy mindset. Equally however, the inclusive nature of the retreat means that if you’re looking for an escape on your own then it is also an ideal choice.

  • Scenery

    Scenic location

    Set in six acres of grounds two kilometres from the nearest village, Villa Can Can looks out across the whole island of Ibiza towards Formentera. It sits in a pine forest, and is blessed with no noise other than the sound of nature.


Ibiza, Spain

Spa & Leisure

The villa has a dedicated yoga/fitness area for wellness classes to take place. It also has a beautiful infinity pool in which you can swim while you look over the beautiful countryside views. During the retreat a fully qualified fitness coach will be present to take classes in dynamic stretching, HIIT circuits, core sessions, kettle bell circuits, mobility and balance, leg power, hypopressives/ respiration, self-defence and nutrition workshops.

Key to the experience are the specialists who oversee the retreat. Fitness Instructor, Paul Singleton, has lived in Ibiza for 17 years and has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry. He has certificates in PT and Nutrition as well as 15 years’ experience as an MMA/Ju jitsu/Boxing instructor. Meanwhile, yoga expert Sophie Clyde brings extensive anatomical knowledge and a bio-mechanical understanding of alignment to her instruction. Fluid, dynamic sequencing is balanced with restorative postures as students are encouraged to move with full breath and uplifting intention. Whilst challenging her students to re-awaken their muscles and work tenaciously, she also supports you in cultivating deep physical awareness with an underlying emphasis on self-care and the therapeutic benefit of each pose.

Key aspects of the fitness retreat include:

Dynamic stretching – a head-to-toe stretching routine with some new positions that will boost your enthusiasm when it comes to increasing your flexibility.

H.I.I.T circuit – High Intensity Interval Training is a simple but effective 20 minute routine that is easy to remember, only uses your own body weight and burns calories fast.

Core session – Bodyweight exercises that increase torso strength and improve posture and stability.

Kettlebell circuit– Various two and three dimensional kettlebell exercises that will increase muscle strength, lung capacity and endurance.

Mobility and Balance – Exercises to improve your range of movement, flexibility and stability.

Leg Power – Kettlebell weight lifting movements focused on using the quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Hypopressives/respiration – A new and effective method of achieving a flat stomach, increasing lung capacity, improving posture and reducing internal structural problems. All that whilst in a meditative state!

Nutrition workshop – An open group discussion about the basics of nutrition. It’s a chance to develop your fundamental knowledge of food and human biology.

Self-defense – A combination of wits, confidence, boxing and jujitsu that will develop your passive/aggressive potential and give you an exhausting workout.

Hotel & Accommodation

In a beautiful five star villa at the top of a small mountainous area of Ibiza in a peaceful and tranquil location with spectacular scenery and complete privacy, White Calm Retreats in Ibiza are located a short drive away from any of the main towns on the island where there are a number of top class restaurants to go out to eat in on the last night. The villa has six double bedrooms, all with en-suites finished to a very high standard.

At the retreats there is a private chef who creates exquisitely healthy meals from local produce that will be adapted for those who suffer from any allergies. The chef and her team are highly qualified and experienced chefs who cater for all tastes. Their flexibility with the menu and the outstanding quality of the dishes they produce make them our perfect partners on retreat. They work with the fitness coach to ensure that all the meals are in line with what the coach requires you to eat. They also produce a range of health nutritious snacks through the day, so if you get peckish you won’t go hungry. They also produce a range of detox smoothies to go with your meals or snacks.

Sample menu:

Breakfast: Mixed fruit platter, greek yoghurt, fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and avocado; quinoa porridge; egg dish of the day (different each morning); toasted rye and wholemeal bread; a selection of herbal teas, cafetieres of coffee and fruit infused waters.

Lunch: Porcini mushroom meatballs arribiatta with courgette spaghetti; spelt flour, roast pumpkin and hemp seed focaccia.

Afternoon snack: Cacao, hazelnut and maca powerballs; a selection of herbal teas, coffee and fruit infused water.

Evening meal: Chickpea saag, served with brown rice and caramelised red onions and turmeric roasted cauliflower.