What’s included in a spa day?

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What’s included in a spa day?

The thing about a spa day is that in its broadest sense, it can include just about anything that you want. From cocktail making classes to surf lessons, gin tasting to tribute nights, the variety of spa packages available is vast and abundant. That said, the core of a spa break revolves around some key experiences and principles that can be adapted depending on where you go, what you want and who you’re with.

In essence, there are two main parts to a spa break: the facilities and the treatments. Facilities vary enormously from one spa to the next, but tradition has it that there’s a pool and a thermal experience of some description. That might be a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, or include a wider variety of heat experiences that help you relax, unwind and prepare the skin and body for spa therapies. Spa treatments meanwhile, range from facials and massages to body wraps, scrubs, manicures and pedicures. Spas also often offer beauty treatments and finishing touches such as waxing and tanning.

Spa treatments are often an additional fee to the basic spa experience, but they are absolutely worth spending money on to really make the most of it. We also recommend booking a treatment for at least an hour so that you can really make the most of it. It’s an excellent way to shape the day, really enhance relaxation, and the power of touch and its healing properties should never be underestimated. If you’re visiting with a partner or loved one, then you can always book a dual suite if the spa has one, so you can have your treatment together. However, a spa treatment is also perfect for simply having a little time to yourself.

Often spa packages will include lunch, dinner or afternoon tea, depending on whether it’s a spa day or an overnight break. It’s always worth looking for an experience that includes time for food and drink, and upgrading if needed. What you choose to have will depend on where you’re going and why. You might be going on a total health retreat and look forward to a wonderfully healthy lunch. Or it might be an indulgent escape with your mum, in which case a Champagne afternoon tea is always a good idea. Either way, all that pampering, swimming and relaxing can leave you hungry and in need of a little sustenance, while eating and drinking is also an excellent way to experience a different part of a hotel or spa destination, and give you more quality time with a friend, partner or on your own.

Like we said, depending on where you go and what you do, there’s so much that can be included in a spa day, however, here are our top tips: - Make sure you book a spa treatment, and if possible, make it at least 60-minutes. If you are not sure what to have or if it’s your first spa experience, feel free to phone Spabreaks.com or the spa itself for advice on what to choose. - Include breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea in your spa experience - all that relaxing will give you an appetite. - Remember to take advantage of the relaxation room. The relaxation room is often overlooked as a bit of a holding pen post-treatment. However, these places are magical parts of your spa day that spas really work hard to design carefully. Created for complete peace and quiet, when you have that sleepy feeling after an excellent treatment they are the perfect place to go to sleep. Some have blankets, and most provide a cup of herbal tea and water to rehydrate. Some have different areas – one for sleeping, another for simply being quiet and getting back to that book or magazine we mentioned. - Try not to use your phone in the spa area itself, especially the relaxation room. They will not only interfere with your down time, but they can also be extremely disruptive to other guests. Enjoy the quiet or bring a good book and take advantage of being a little disconnected for a while.