Will it be safe to have a massage or touch treatment?

Our industry insight

Touch treatments after Covid-19

No spa would begin to re-introduce spa treatments as part of the spa experience before it was deemed safe. So in the first instance we would like you to be reassured that if a spa is offering spa treatments, it is because it has been deemed safe to do so, either generally or with updated protocols in place. However, we understand that you may wish to ease back into the spa experience without including any touch elements. For this reason we have put together a collection of spa packages that help you to maximise the spa experience but that do not include touch treatments at the moment. It is important to us that you know that we have created these in order to be mindful about personal choice and anxieties and not because it is required as part of health and safety.

With that in mind, recommendations for new hygiene protocols, as well as incorporating existing protocols may include:

  • Recommend to all guests to shower pre and post treatments.
  • Based on region, spas may eliminate handshake introductions and replace with a right hand to heart gesture or Thai greeting - palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion.
  • Welcome rituals are updated to include hand sanitiser.
  • Treatments have appropriate time between them to allow for treatment room cleaning and sanitation.
  • Spas must spray and sanitise all skincare bottles and products used after each treatment.
  • Spas may remove the following from treatment rooms: bed skirts, duvets, pillows, runners, table warmers and mattress pads. All linen in the treatment bed must be used and washed after each guest.
  • As a recommendation, employees should keep a spare clean uniform at work, so they can change during their shift if they feel it is required. Disposable aprons or gowns are acceptable as long as they are in keeping with five star presentation standards and do not cause noise during the service. Alternatively, providers should clean and disinfect their uniforms by spraying a skin safe disinfectant after each treatment.
  • Therapists wash their hands before and after the treatments.