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Everybody deserves a break, whether you want to spend £50 or £500. Helping us to take care of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, a spa break ticks every box and a couple of extra ones when it comes to wellness.

Thanks to 15 years honing our knowledge, our network of spas and our range of spa experiences, has a spa experience for every occasion, every budget and everybody.

Since 2008 we have been leading the way in the world of spa, making it more accessible and providing more options for more people. We also helped be the change we wanted to see in the world by making it possible for anyone with a cancer diagnosis to enjoy a spa break through our Safe Hands collection.

We've made it quick and simple to get the information you need, whether you want to chat online, book instantly, give us a call, buy a gift voucher or send us an email. You can also find the perfect getaway, whether you want afternoon tea, champagne and manicures in the city or a detox retreat by the coast.

Everybody deserves a spa break, and we've got the perfect getaway just for you.

Our areas of expertise

Experts in groups

We're unique when it comes to organising a group spa break. Our dedicated specialists can research, recommend and cater for all group bookings and their specific needs. We have the best group packages available for all group sizes and our team is always available by email, web chat or on the phone, to assist with any queries.

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Safe Hands for Cancer

Our goal is to make sure that anyone at any stage of their cancer journey can enjoy a spa experience safely and easily. This collection identifies spas where therapists have had the right level of training to adapt treatments for anyone with or recovering from cancer, for their safety as well as making sure they receive maximum benefit from their treatment.

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The Elysium Collection

The Elysium Collection is exclusively curated by to showcase gold-standard spas across the UK. These luxury spas have been selected by our experts and invited to join the Elysium Collection because of their exceptionally high standards and the individuality they bring to the spa experience.

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Spas exclusive to

The thing that separates us from other spa recommendation experts, is that we work with spas to design experiences that showcase the best that each location has to offer. As a result, many spa destinations choose to work exclusively with us, meaning you won't find them on any other website.

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Spa and golf

We are experts in spa breaks, which means we understand the beauty of the whole experience. We are not golf specialists, but we do have golf pros within our team and we do know that, for some, golf is just the detail to complete the perfect spa break.

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Experiences for every occasion

With over 500 spas to choose from and thousands of spa experiences, we really do have something for every occasion and every budget. To help you find what you're looking for, we've themed and categorised our experiences so you can quickly select the best match and browse. 

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