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The perfect gift to say thank you

Whether it’s saying thank you to your partner for supporting you, your parents for being there, your friends for loving you or your team and colleagues for all the work they do throughout the year, thank you gifts are worth so much more than their material value. A thank you spa gift is personal, thoughtful, caring and also gives someone both the joy of something special to look forward to and something to revel in when they go on their spa break as well.

A thank you gift for all

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Thank you gifts for women

Thank you gifts for the important women in your life need to be as special as they are. That’s a big, and frankly unachievable ask, but we can try. The thing about most people in our lives, is that chances are they spend more time offering care to their loved ones and the people around them than they do taking care of themselves. For this reason thank you gifts for women are an excellent opportunity to give them time for self care. Perhaps it will be a spa break to share, or perhaps it will be a solo spa break.

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Thank you gifts for friends

Personalised thank you gifts show appreciation to your friends for being there for you. Whether it’s a birthday present or just because, spa thank you gifts for friends make for really special presents. Perhaps you will surprise them by whisking them away on a spa break of your choice, or maybe you will give them a gift voucher to spend at a time and location to suit them. We like to think that your presence is an important part of the present though, so we recommend a spa break for two at a beautiful spa hotel destination.

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Thank you teacher gifts

If you aren’t a teacher yourself then you no doubt know a couple. Whether they were your own teachers at school, friends, a partner, or the wonderful people teaching your own kids every day of the week. Either way, if you know teachers, you will also know that they work tirelessly to help us all find our way in the world. The working day doesn’t stop when the bell rings. While kids are off at weekends, their teachers usually are not, and while we all like to think it’s ok because ‘they get amazing holidays’ - those teacher holidays aren’t quite as long as the kids ones… plus it provides little balance for the lack of proper weekends during term time. Whether it’s for Christmas, at the end of the academic year, or simply just because, a spa voucher should be top of your list of thank you gift ideas to show your appreciation for teachers.

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Thank you bridesmaid gifts

Spa gifts to say thank you to your bridesmaids are an excellent way to relax pre-wedding, or to give them some time to unwind at a destination of their choice after the big day. When your wedding is only a few weeks away, it can be difficult for you and your bridesmaids to remain cool, calm and relaxed. The closer you get to the big day, the more stress you’ll all be under. While there’s certainly no magic cure for dealing with pre-wedding jitters, planning a spa day for your girls will work wonders for the whole bridal party. A spa day or break can also be a wonderful way to spend the pre-wedding night as a little thank you and quality time together. A gift voucher is a great way to give them the choice of where to go, but equally you might want to choose somewhere that you have enjoyed in the past and think they will just love.

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A gift to open now and an experience to look forward to

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Money off their next spa break

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to get money off their next holiday? A monetary voucher in denominations anywhere between £25 and £500 means your recipient can choose to spend what they want, whenever and wherever they want.

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The spa gift of choice

Gift Package Vouchers give you the opportunity to treat a really special someone to a spa day or break where they get to choose where to go. From a selection of venues nationwide, it’s the perfect balance between generosity and freedom of choice.

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Wrap it up

Presentation is everything, so with spa vouchers you can choose from a luxury gift card, a beautiful gift box, or go all out with a beauty box complete with spa products to use as soon as they get home. If it’s last minute, e-vouchers are delivered straight to their email.

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