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Spa treatment advice

Spa treatments are central to the whole spa experience. They can often shape the day, preparing the skin and body in the spa facilities first and leading up to a beautiful experience that will really help you to relax and unwind. Treatments can last anything from 30 minutes to two hours, and we always recommend opting for at last 60 minutes to really get the benefit. There are so many options available as well, so whatever you want to achieve and whether you’re a first time spa goer or a seasoned pro, there’s a spa treatment for everybody - and we recommend you try as many as you can!

Some of our most popular treatments

Body wraps

Slimming, detoxifying, relaxing, nourishing - body wraps are some of the most intensely therapeutic spa treatments on the market.

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Facials are a classic part of a spa experience, and while massages are the most regularly booked spa treatment, a facial can be just as relaxing.

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Spa tanning treatments

From pre-wedding prep to maintaining a healthy summer glow, spray tans to creams, a good fake tan can work wonders for a feel-good factor.

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Spa manicures

Manicures can be so much more than just a file and polish, although if you’re short on time, that’s a wonderful pick-me-up too, either at home or at a spa.

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Rooted in tradition, a hammam, is a Middle Eastern wellbeing practice that dates back to the Roman and Byzantine eras and is essentially a steam bath experience that can be shared with other people.

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Body polishes

Body polishes and body scrubs can be invigorating, excellent skin prep before or after a holiday and can help with detox. As your skin is your largest detox assisting organ in the body, a body scrub can work wonders.

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Back, neck and shoulder massages

The benefits of massage extend way beyond simply soothing muscles and relieving tension. For an hour or more we are totally switching off. It’s the one time when we truly disconnect from the Internet and the world around us. We focus simply on the here and now.

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Rhassoul and mud treatments

Mud baths, rhassouls/rasuls and mud treatments come in a number of different guises, and have been cleansing and healing practices for thousands of years. Introduced to different cultures around the world with their own variations, but largely operating on the same theme.

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Massages for men

Spas have historically been associated with being places for women, but that is fast fading. Aside from the fact that we can all benefit from the health and wellbeing benefits of a spa, there are also specific spa treatments and experiences that have been tailored to men’s health.

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Swedish massage

Swedish Massage is particularly popular because it’s versatile and can be adapted to the individual. It’s a term to describe a series of techniques that focus on muscle relaxation but that also have a powerful impact on mental wellbeing as well.

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