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What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

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The most popular treatment on any spa’s menu, massage offers a raft of wellbeing benefits for mind and body. Deep tissue massage is a particular favourite amongst gym and sports lovers, helping to ease muscular tension, aiding performance as well as recovery. However, it’s also excellent for helping muscle aches, especially from sitting at a desk for too long or general daily wear and tear. Here’s what you can expect!

What is a deep tissue massage?

It’s a massage that concentrates on the muscle groups to relieve tension, stimulate and heal. It’s different to a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy, which is relaxing, in that it is usually more intense. However, sometimes spas enhance it by adding in hot stones or aromatherapy.

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Are deep tissue massages painful?

As deep tissue massage is more intense than other types of massage, some people wonder if it’s painful, or what it feels like. As it aims to release tension, it can be a little uncomfortable where muscles are particularly tight or sensitive, but it shouldn’t cause actual pain. You may also have some stiffness post treatment - either later that day or the following day but this will fade. During the treatment you might experience more pressure than in a Swedish massage for example, but overall it should result in much less tightness and you should feel a lot better afterwards.

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What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

It’s really good for supporting general health. It relieves tension in the muscles and encourages the immune system to work better and faster. For people who suffer with fatigue and issues such as fibromyalgia (pain in the fibres of the muscles), regular massage can really help to ease symptoms and get through the week. In general, it helps to relieve muscular aches and pains, whether that’s from age, lifestyle, an ailment or sports.

What happens during a deep tissue massage?

  1. A deep tissue massage focuses more on massage technique than products, but oils are used to lubricate the skin and aromatherapy or other elements may be introduced to enhance the treatment further.
  2. It begins with a consultation to discuss the areas that you would like to focus on.
  3. The therapist will then leave the room and you will then be given time to lay down on the treatment bed under a towel or blanket before the treatment begins.
  4. The therapist will then return and begin the massage.
  5. They will then work across the areas of the body included in the treatment until finished.
  6. At the end of your treatment, the therapist will leave the room to let you come round and get dressed/put your robe back on. They will most likely also offer you a glass of water as it’s important to stay hydrated.
  7. After your treatment you may be invited to spend time in the relaxation lounge with water or a herbal tea to continue enjoying the benefits of the treatment.

Choose this if you want to…

Help manage back or muscle pain from sitting at a desk for a long time. If you have general muscular aches and pains. Or if you do a lot of sport and exercise and want to support performance in the gym and recovery afterwards.

Average price of a deep tissue massage

The price of a deep tissue massage can range from £40 upwards.

Deep tissue massage aftercare

It’s recommended that you rest for the rest of the day after your treatment. Don’t do any strenuous exercise, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine or any further heat treatments. If you’re on a spa day, it’s a good idea to use the spa facilities before.

What should I wear to a deep tissue massage?

For a deep tissue massage you can choose to wear swimwear or your underwear for the treatment itself. If the treatment includes your back, women will likely be asked to remove bikini tops or bras for the massage. You can wear your clothes to arrive at the treatment room, although if you’re on a spa day or break, it’s a nice idea to arrive in your robe and slippers so you can put them back on afterwards and continue relaxing. We suggest taking two swimsuits on a spa day, one to wear in the pool and wet facilities, and another to wear during treatments so you are most comfortable.

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