Welcome to Safe Hands for Cancer

An industry wide campaign supported by Spabreaks.com to make the benefits of spa treatments genuinely available to everybody

Personalised care and attention

Wellness is often presented as a destination, but in reality it changes over time and above all, it’s individual.

When our wellness is challenged, we not only need care and support, but we need to be secure in the knowledge that the support we are given is safe and dependable. When it comes to spa experiences, that can involve a greater level of personalisation to treatments and therapies in order to ensure comfort and wellbeing.

That’s why Spabreaks.com has created Safe Hands, a collection of spa destinations and spa experiences where therapists have the training to adapt treatments to different conditions.

The initiative launches with Safe Hands for Cancer. It identifies spa destinations where therapists have had the right level of training to adapt treatments for anyone with, or recovering from, cancer. It ensures that whichever experience you choose, you will always be in safe hands.

Spabreaks.com supporting an industry wide initiative

Spabreaks.com and The SATCC

Spabreaks.com is proud to be working with SATCC, the only dedicated body of industry experts providing specialist training for spa therapists to ensure they can treat guests at all stages of their cancer journey.

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A world of knowledge

The SATCC is the vision of Susan Harmsworth MBE, the founder of ESPA. Utilising a wealth of knowledge and expertise secured from more than 50 years in the spa and wellness industry, Susan has pioneered the concept of touch for cancer care.

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Remembering Lang

The journey to Safe Hands is not only an ongoing one, it’s also been a very personal one. Our own, dear colleague, Lang Rynjah, who had been with Spabreaks.com since it first began, was one of the people we lost to cancer in 2019.

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A word from Abi

Abi founded Spabreaks.com with the sole intention of making the health and wellbeing benefits of spas accessible to everybody.

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The stigma of spas and cancer

Born of the fear of causing harm, historically therapists have been taught not to provide spa treatments to anyone with cancer.

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We are proud to present you with an evergrowing choice of spas that have earned Safe Hands accreditation.

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Are you a spa that is looking for advice on how to get your therapists trained in treating people living with cancer? Or are you a spa that has already done this and is wanting to work with us to celebrate the great strides the spa industry is making in this area? If so, we would love to hear from you, so please email product@spabreaks.com.

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