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Size matters spa guide

How to feel your best as a plus-size spa goer

Size matters

The size matters spa guide by

Spas are for everybody. They're places where you can put on your fluffy white robe and slippers, take off that proverbial armour and feel safe and cared for, but when it comes to size there are some standardisations that mean people don't always feel that way. We're on a mission to change that, so in this guide we want to give you all the information you need to have the best spa break possible as a plus-size spa goer.

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What size are most spa robes?

Many spas provide robes to use during your spa day or break, and they tend to order these in a standard size. For some people that means they end up being too big, and for others they are too small, but they often choose a medium size for men, and a medium size for women rather than having a range of options available.

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Will spas have plus size robes on offer?

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Most spas won't have plus size robes available, but when you book with, you can purchase one of our luxury spa robes from us, to make sure you have the size that you want to take to all future spa trips.

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What to wear to a spa?

We often get asked what to wear to a spa. Our suggestion is to make sure you're comfortable - this is all about relaxing and feeling your best. We always recommend you take two swimming costumes - one for swimming in and one to change into afterwards so you can have your treatments or lounge by the pool without sitting in soggy swimwear.

We also recommend you take a pair of flip flops in case slippers are not provided, and something comfortable to change into after using the wet facilities. Some spas require you to dress for lunch, while others permit you to stay in your robe and flip flops, so keep that in mind. If you're staying the night, remember to bring all the necessities, and if the restaurant is smart or has a dress code, don't forget to pack accordingly - it's always nice to dress up a little anyway!

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What should I take on a spa break?

In addition to your clothing, while most spas provide products to shower with, it's always a good idea to bring your own just in case - especially if you have sensitive skin. Towels will be provided unless stated otherwise, but it's always a good idea to check in advance. Other items we recommend taking on your spa day or break include:

  • If you're staying overnight, take a small, separate bag with you for items you want to take into the spa without having to return to your room.
  • Bring a book or magazine to enjoy in the relaxation lounge.
  • Don’t forget to bring your booking details.

Myth busting answers to plus-size spa concerns

Am I too big for a spa break?

Absolutely not. A spa break is for everybody - every shape, size and age belongs at a spa.

Do I have to remove my clothing for my spa treatment?

It's entirely up to you how much clothing you wear during your spa treatment. For a facial you can stay fully clothed or in your robe. For a full body treatment you are often asked to remove clothing except your underpants/bikini bottoms. If you don't feel comfortable however, just let your therapist know - it's your treatment.

Will the treatment couch be the right size?

Spa treatment couches vary in size but are designed to accommodate all people. If you are concerned, let us know at the point of booking and we can find more information to make sure you feel comfortable and confident during your stay.