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What do I wear on a spa day?

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What do I wear on a spa day?

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We are often asked what to take with you when you go on a spa break. This can be a big source of anxiety, especially for first timers. We suggest:

  • Take two swimming costumes. That’s one to swim in and one to have your treatment in. You can also have your treatment in your underwear. Some people prefer not to wear anything in a treatment. That’s generally ok too as you will be covered with a towel and your therapist will only uncover the ‘bits’ they’re working on. If you’re at all unsure, or if your therapist does not advise you, feel free to ask. This is your spa experience and it’s important you are happy.
  • Take a pair of flip-flops with you in case slippers aren’t provided.
  • Check in advance if towels and wash products are provided before you go, or take shampoo and any other items you may want just in case.
  • Wear something comfortable that you will feel happy to have lunch in or change into after your treatments without worrying if any product gets onto the fabric.
  • If you’re staying overnight or if the spa is separate to the restaurant where you’re having lunch, it’s a good idea to check whether the restaurant requires a dress code and bring something appropriate.
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