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Everything you need to know for the perfect spa trip

Going on a spa day or spa break is all about relaxing and feeling good, but in order to really achieve that it’s important that you have answers to any questions so that you feel safe and reassured about what to expect. From what to wear to what a spa day or break actually involves, we have put together answers to those most frequently asked questions that spa goers both new and experienced have before going on a spa break. However, if you can’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact’s dedicated team of spa consultants by email, phone or online chat at any time.

Our most frequently asked questions

What is a spa day?

A day spa has all the rest, relaxation and treatment facilities you might expect from a spa experience, but without overnight accommodation.

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How much does a spa day cost?

A spa day or break can range anywhere from £30 to thousands of pounds, depending on where you go, how long for and what’s included.

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What facilities does a spa have?

Each spa is different and has different benefits and characteristics to offer. Some will have a pool, sauna, steam room and gym as well as offering treatments.

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What should I bring on a spa weekend?

What to wear and what to bring on a spa day, break or weekend is always something that people get anxious about, especially if they’re a first time spa goer.

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What spa treatments are safe when pregnant?

Depending on where you go there are a lot of maternal spa treatment options available. When it comes to spa treatments during pregnancy, the rules do differ from spa to spa.

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Are spas good for you?

There are lots of ways to answer this. You can go on a spa break and have a dedicated health spa experience, or you can go on a spa break and have afternoon tea and champagne after your spa treatment and lounging by the pool.

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Can spas help you lose weight?

In general, a spa day or break in itself is not going to help you lose weight. However, it can help stimulate healthy habits.

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Spas when on period

We do often get asked if you can go to a spa when you’re on your period. The answer is yes, absolutely.

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Why are spa treatments important?

Mostly, spa treatments are important because they make you feel good. There are so many treatments out there, and they all have different benefits - some are rejuvenating, some are relaxing, some are energising.

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Can you go to a spa if you have cancer?

Yes, you can go to a spa if you have cancer. However, there are some things to consider and it’s a good idea to speak to your oncologist before you go.

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UK spa towns

While the UK has a thriving spa industry today, with a wide variety of destinations peppered across both country and city, there are some towns who owe their entire legacy to the historic spa tradition.

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Spas in the UK

One of the wonderful things about the world of spa is its global history, and in the UK we are privileged to have a wide variety of experiences available to us.

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Spa Glossary

Don't know your rasul from your reiki? Unsure if you'd prefer a facial or a flotation session? No need to be overwhelmed, our glossary is here to help.

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Common types of spa

There’s so much variety available when it comes to a spa day or break. You can choose from spa days, spa breaks, afternoon tea, health, wellbeing, group getaways, romantic mini breaks, babymoons, babyshowers, hen parties and stag dos - the list goes on.

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Are spas open?

There are several different regulations in place across the UK which alter the specific inclusions and facilities on offer. Here, we’ve collated all of the latest updates and information around reopenings.

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