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Sleep Well, Feel Well

Let's help manage stress together

Sleep 'til summer with the positive power of spa

April is National Stress Awareness Month and as the clocks spring forward heralding the imminent arrival of warmer days, we're super excited for fun in the sun and holiday adventures... except we're also a bit tired. Reports show that lots of us struggle with sleeplessness and a good night's sleep is one of our most powerful tools for managing stress and taking care of our wellbeing.

So, we're dedicating this month of stress awareness to the positive power of sleep, with spa, aromatherapy and wellness tips, ideas, treatments, experiences, days and breaks to help you nod off.

Sleep Well, Feel Well Inspiration

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Two and Three night spa breaks

When you can't get the necessary sleep at home, it's time to prioritise some shut-eye. A two or three-night spa break can be just what you need to escape the stress of every day, unwind and relax.

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Sleep Retreats

We know a lot of us struggle with sleep and a good night's rest is one of the most powerful tools for managing stress and taking care of our wellbeing. We've curated a selection of dreamy spa escapes that promise a good night's sleep.

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Gift Vouchers

Treat your loved ones to a unique overnight stay or the flexibility to choose something themself. Our range of gift vouchers offer an experience to suit every need and budget.

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How to get a better night's sleep

Ockenden Manor has introduced The Good Sleep Retreat, which offers a one-to-one, in-depth assessment and consultation with sleep expert and clinical psychologist, Dr Maja Schaedel. We find out what it's all about.

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Spa experiences for burnout

Burnout is a modern phenomena that's spreading fast and with often subtle side effects. Here we discuss the three different types and some of our favourite spa experiences for burnout and wellbeing.

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