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It's time to reconnect

Recalling the wellness benefits of spa - Win a year's supply of spa breaks

Reconnect with the feeling of tranquility

We have all experienced the last year in our own way. Some of us live with other people, some of us live alone. Some have been in total isolation and others have at least had the dubious pleasure of heading to the shops once in a while. Now it’s time to reconnect, and with it comes the wellbeing benefits of spending time together - even if it is at a distance.

While we all thank our lucky stars for a world where digital communications has made it possible to stay connected with family and friends around the world over the last few months, there’s really no substitute for spending quality time in the presence of people we care about. So now that we’re beginning to be able to spend more time together, and spas are preparing to re-open, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with one another and enjoy the wellbeing benefits that time together brings.

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Two and three night breaks

Sometimes, one night is just not enough. A two or three night spa break gives you the opportunity to switch off, unwind and appreciate the surroundings that little bit more. With spa hotels at some exceptional locations across the UK they are not only spa breaks they are mini holidays that can do the world of good.  

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How to have the best spacation

Whether you’re in the mood for a couple of weekends of supercharged downtime without having to go that far, or you want a week of pampering in the countryside, a UK spa staycation could offer everything you need to recharge and get all the benefits of a really good getaway.

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You're allowed to feel good!

At we recognise that spa treatments such as a facial or a manicure offer far more than a temporary aesthetic gain, they make you feel good about yourself. Here, we reflect on the influence lockdown has had on self-esteem and how we can help inject some confidence into 2021.

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The most tranquil way to enjoy the great outdoors

Given the experiences of recent months and the need to continue to be mindful about social distancing, many of us are wondering how we can enjoy getting outside whilst avoiding any crowds as packed beaches and parks are something we all seek to limit. Spa gardens might just be the tranquil answer you’re looking for, with limited numbers and the space to relax in peace.

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