Relax at home with Temple Spa

Our spa wellness partner and skincare experts, Temple Spa, share their top tips on how to spa from the comfort of your own home

Temple Spa's top tips for the perfect spa day at home

Shoulders crying out for a deep massage? Skin in need of an SOS fix? We hear you! As you can’t get to a spa right now, we’ve shared our top-tips on how to create a blissful spa experience from home … you can thank us later!

1. Create a spa ambience

Lighting a candle gives your house both a warm gentle glow and a beautifully relaxing aroma. If you’re feeling stressed or just simply struggling to unwind, we recommend SIESTA FOREVER to help bring a sense of calm. Next, lightly spray QUIETUDE in your space to induce a sense of peace and calm.

2. AAAAHHH! that’s better

Every Temple Spa treatment begins with an ‘opening ritual’; a beautiful routine that dictates the speed of both the treatment and the clients breathing. To create a similar spa experience from home, take 1 drop of BREATH OF LIFE inhalation essence into your hands and hold in front of your face… take 3 big, long breaths. Next, place a hot flannel on your feet, holding firmly and sliding up towards the knees. Follow with an application of AAAHHH! soothing balm for aching feet and limbs; you’ll feel refreshed in no-time.

3. Time for a skin treat

Next up… give your skin a boost with a Temple Spa facial mask. Masks act as targeted treatments for specific skin concerns. Your skin should always be cleansed prior to applying a mask to ensure that the mask can penetrate the skin and do its job.

For those with dry skin pick a hydrating mask like QUENCH; a creamy, anti-aging mask packed full of avocado oil, vitamin C and blackberry & apple juices. If you have congested skin why not try PURIFICATION; a deeply cleansing mud mask with kaolin clay, tea tree and rosemary. Skin feeling a little sensitive? Go for BECALM; our skin rescue mask for stressed, delicate skin filled to the brim with vitamins and natural ingredients. If your skin is simply looking a little dull, you should try THE POWER BREAKFAST; a brightening and radiance-boosting skin treat with vitamin C, AHAs and BHAs.

Not sure what mask to choose? Why not have some fun experimenting with multi-masking!

4. DIY head massage

Whilst your mask is at work, treat your locks to a little nourishment. Run DRIFT AWAY relaxing aromatherapy oil through the ends of your hair, combing your way through the tangles gently. Next, gently massage the scalp … close your eyes and enjoy the calming aroma. You can either wash the oil out in an hour or so, or leave overnight for an extra boost of hydration for your hair.

5. Home spa pedicure

Once you have removed your facial mask and applied your moisturiser, take some time to indulge your feet. Apply our SOLE BALM deeply nourishment treatment for cracked heels and tired feet. Gently massage the cream into your feet, working up over the ankle and onto the lower part of the legs, letting the natural AHAs work away at any dry skin.

6. Plan your next spa day with

Last, but by no means least, get planning your next spa day with We’re all missing quality time with friends and family right now, so give yourself something to look forward by booking a real Temple Spa spa day or purchasing the experience as a gift voucher.

A range of Temple Spa gift sets are available with all gift vouchers, meaning you can follow these steps and spa at home whilst you countdown to your next spa trip!

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Temple Spa's DIY home massage

If you enjoyed your DIY head massage, why not try out some further at-home massage with the help of Temple Spa’s trainer, Hollie?