Bannatyne group receives wellness for cancer accreditation

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In an exciting move for the spa industry, the Bannatyne Group of spas and health clubs has introduced specialist training for its spa therapists to enable them to offer a programme of treatments for spa clients affected by cancer.

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The Bannatyne Group is a nationwide collection of spas and health clubs created by famed entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, many of which work in partnership with Spabreaks.com.  Bannatyne’s most skilled therapists received training from Wellness for Cancer, a cancer-focused training organisation for the spa and wellbeing industry, to give them an insight into what clients with the illness may be going through, both physically and emotionally.

The move coincides with greater awareness in the spa industry, sparked by the ongoing work and dedication of individuals and organisations, and initiatives such as Spabreaks.com’s Recovery Retreats, to make spas more cancer aware.

Spabreaks.com has been outspoken on the matter of the spa industry’s uncomfortable historic relationship with cancer treatment, the result of which can often be deeply upsetting for clients looking for physical and emotional support at an extremely difficult time in their lives.

The move from The Bannatyne Group in acknowledging the need for more cancer aware therapists in order to make spa treatments more accessible for patients is exciting and groundbreaking, an important milestone in the accessibility of spa treatments for cancer patients.

Karen Wilkinson, Group Head of Spa at Bannatyne, said: “we’re delighted to be able to offer selected treatments for our clients who are living with cancer, that are both safe and relaxing. The training that our therapists received gave them a greater insight into the mind and physical condition of clients living with cancer, and allow them to adapt their services accordingly. This training will allow us to take our spas to the next level and help clients approach recovery from a more holistic angle.”

Julie Bach, Executive Director of Wellness for Cancer said: “a person is a human being first, they are not defined by their disease or condition. We know that individuals are coming to spas in the UK and many are being turned away because of a lack of knowledge by managers and therapists. Turning people away causes more emotional damage to a client than providing a safe and nurturing treatment. I applaud Bannantyne management and staff for wanting to step up in a bigger way for their clients.”


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