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Can colour really make a difference to your wellbeing?

Crystals, colours and chakras - depending on your predisposition when it comes to these things, many of us could be inclined to think the healing or health impact of colour is a subjective idea at best, but just like aromatherapy can have an impact on our wellbeing, many believe that colour does the same.

colour therapy

At Akasha Wellness Retreat, there is a big emphasis on energy work, and rooted into that is colour. For them the key lies in the combination of colours and semi precious stones. For example, using Red Jade, which is believed to help eliminate fear and encourage physical strength while Red Goldstone builds energy, courage and a positive attitude.

In the UK, colour therapy became popular in recent years - working similarly to aromatherapy whereby brightly coloured oils were used in treatments, and clients chose their oil based on the one they were instinctively drawn to.

“by painting the walls pink, aggressive behaviours reduced”

On a wider level, colour is increasingly believed to have an impact on our psychological outlook and energy levels. While they may be spraying citrus scents into factory air in Asia to boost productivity levels in the mid afternoon slump, in the UK there has been a motivating investment in Dulux paint ever since one of the first studies into the relationship between colour and mood in 1979 by Schauss (in American prisons) found that by painting the walls pink, aggressive behaviours reduced.

While research into the topic continues, it is an increasingly held practice to carefully consider colour in the spaces in which we spend most time. The University of Texas. Dr. David Lewis found the colour red can increase tension, but not all studies have the same outcome, and The Telegraph reported that red can actually be perceived positively by employees, and can be good at motivating people.

Meanwhile, a study by The University of British Columbia, found cognitively that blue and green can have a calming effect and Entrepreneur suggested that yellow is an optimistic colour that can help stimulate creativity.

“red shows a need for security and grounding, while purple is more spiritual and governs our clairvoyant insight”

Of course, spas take their colour choices very seriously when designing a space to relax in, and Naturopath Sue Davis from Lifehouse Spa and Hotel recommends that there is a definite link between colour and mindset and the ability to use colours and aromatherapy to boost the way you feel.

Sue says, for example, that red shows a need for security and grounding, while purple is more spiritual and governs our clairvoyant insight and gut instinct. “All colours have different meanings,” she continues, so “if you want more energy you might wear red for the day, or green if you want to feel relaxed.”

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