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London’s new wellness city spa in Notting Hill

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Cloud Twelve Club is the Notting Hill day spa bringing new meaning to wellness and city spa breaks. Here, Spa Consultant Jade visits to find out more…

Finding tranquility in London

Cloud Twelve Club is beautifully located on a quiet street in the middle of Notting Hill; a relatively small building from the outside, it opens up into a spacious haven of wellbeing when you go inside. The spa has been making a name for itself for changing the way we think about family wellbeing, and on the ground floor when you go in there’s a welcoming family area before you head upstairs into the spa itself, all filled with tranquil music and lovely smells.

Attention to details makes all the difference

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The detail at Cloud Twelve Club is impeccable. It’s been so beautifully designed, and I have never seen anywhere so clean and lovely. Even the changing rooms are gorgeous, with everything you could possibly need and a chandelier in the middle for that luxe vibe. All the people are lovely too.

A small but perfectly formed city spa

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It hasn’t got a swimming pool but it really doesn’t need it with its beautiful heat facilities laid out in a circle. One of the nice things about it is they don’t over fill the space, which really adds to the sense of peace and luxury. There are only four beds in the relaxation area but doesn’t need to be any bigger, and the size adds a feeling of intimacy as well.

The vegan restaurant

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This gorgeous city spa has an entirely vegan menu, which is really creative and lovely. We didn’t eat while we were there, but did settle in for drinks. I had a rose latte with beetroot made with rose syrup and plant milk, and my partner had a turmeric latte, all of which had a lovely sense of being healthy but also indulgent. Again, everything is pristine and attention is paid to detail. It’s a card only place, so no need for cash.

Taking your time

Even without a pool, this is a place where you can happily spend a proper amount of time, especially if you have a spa treatment and something to eat as well as using the facilities. My advice would be to spend a full afternoon of four to five hours, using the spa, having tea, enjoy a treatment and finish the day by sampling the menu. There is also a salon there, which is the cherry on top.

Who would love this city spa?

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As mentioned, Cloud Twelve has made a name for itself for family wellness because there’s a play zone, immersive classes designed to encourage creativity and cognitive development, a creche and a children’s cafe, all overseen by Ofsted-registered assistants. Whether you have children or not however, it’s perfect for couples as it’s a really romantic day date destination. It’s also great for small groups of friends of up to four people, or even for time to yourself. It’s also definitely a place that seasoned spa goers will love because of the focus they put on beautiful treatments.

Top tips for visiting Cloud Twelve Club city spa

  • Try the food - it is vegan, it’s amazing and it’s a little bit different.
  • Be prepared to properly relax - I would recommend leaving your phone in changing rooms.
  • It is health orientated, so something to be aware of when you’re there. It’s not the place for a three course meal and Champagne, but rather to really embrace the wellness vibe.
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