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    0 supports guests with cancer with Made for Life team training

Last month the team at’s UK based offices experienced the latest in their training to support guests booking spa days and breaks when they are living with or have recently had cancer.

Training was provided by Made for Life Organics, a 100% organic skincare brand from Cornwall, also known for its Cancer Touch Therapy treatments and training, which they bring to spas and the spa industry across the country. Made for life training was with Amanda Winwood (managing director of the Made for Life Foundation) and Marc Innes, MISRM, MCMA and Founder of the School of Natural Therapies, who is the course lead trainer and gained accreditation from the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

As with all things at, the focus of the training was making the customer experience as positive and rewarding as possible.

How training helps support guests

The training included learning about types of cancer as well as a further understanding about treatments and side effects. It dispels common myths and also explains more about the treatments that are beneficial to individuals depending on the type of cancer someone has.

The purpose of the team’s ongoing training in this area is to make booking the spa experience as seamless, knowledgeable and pleasant as possible for guests. In the wider context at, this has also included streamlining procedures, working with spas to create and promote cancer-friendly packages, and the creation of our Personalised Wellness programme, launching later this year.

Changing the spa industry for cancer patients has a long history of campaigning and pioneering for a more supportive and accessible spa industry for every body, especially anyone experiencing cancer. The team now has 11 sales agents and two customer service agents who are dedicated personal wellness specialists.

As a team, we have always had a shared passion which has been led by founder Abi Selby, and the Made for Life training has only enhanced that awareness and understanding across the team.

“Our wellness is ever-changing and deeply personal, but for those with or recovering from cancer it has often created barriers to enjoying the restorative and relaxing benefits of a spa, just when someone needs it the most. For me, this is an ongoing and personal journey to wanting to open up the spa industry to be more accessible and adaptable for our different stages of wellbeing, and it is vital that starts with an understanding and well informed person at the end of the phone when guests contact us.”

Abi Selby, Founder


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