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The World Class spa coming to Carden Park Hotel this year

The north west of England’s spas have been booming in recent years, but Carden Park Hotel is taking it up a notch with their brand new spa set to open this autumn.

In a 1000 acre estate in the Cheshire countryside, and at the end of a mile-long driveway to introduce you to your surroundings, lies Carden Park. This sprawling estate is where contemporary style and luxury combine. Complete with it’s own vineyard, they even produce their own sparkling wine.

The new spa and how it fits into the estate

Carden Park has always been home to a beautifully kept health club, which hotel guests and their families have access to whenever they stay. However, this year they are raising the game by adding a dedicated, standalone spa within the grounds.

An entirely separate, adult-only experience, the new spa will fuse luxury and holistic wellbeing with the latest in contemporary design and facilities. It’s to be brought together in a manner that’s sympathetic to its natural surroundings and takes inspiration from the elements.

What Carden Park’s new spa will include

A two-storey building with a wide range of pools and thermal facilities, it will be accompanied by a 2500 square metre spa garden.

Wanting guests to experience both the indoors and outdoors all year round, the spa will have panoramic views of the grounds throughout, but the team have also worked thoughtfully to make sure that the garden facilities will be useable, whatever the weather.

A partnership with Bollinger will ensure the presence of a beautiful Champagne bar, alongside indoor and outdoor thermal facilities. A spa restaurant will mean that the day spa is somewhere you can visit in its own right; somewhere you can spend the whole day.

Unique spa treatments that work with the experience

Treatments have also been considered right from the design stage of the spa. They’ve been working hand-in-hand with Elemental Herbology, a British brand whose ethos draws on the five element theory (the Ancient Chinese philosophy that everything in life is composed of and influenced by wood, fire, earth, metal and water). Not only have they designed a signature treatment using herbs grown in the hotel’s own garden, but facilities at the spa will incorporate the element concept as well.

Details, for example, include metal hot tubs sunk into the earth and a wooden sauna with an earthen roof. Further incorporating the location with the spa experience, as the hotel has its own vineyard on site, the team are harvesting grape juice to mix with their clay masks for an entirely unique experience connected to the environment.


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