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What you need to know about Champneys’ new bootcamp

A spa break at Champneys always has that extra little touch of spa magic, so it is little surprise that their bootcamps bring guests back time and again for a motivational top up.

Set against beautiful backdrops, they are encouraging, motivating experiences that combine indoor and outdoor activities to help you achieve personal goals. Whether you go on your own or with friends, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and keep learning about health and wellbeing.

What does a typical bootcamp look like?

  • Two nights
  • Pre-arrival support and communication
  • Welcome talk with blood pressure check
  • Four to six hours of exercise per day including indoor/outdoor activities with bootcamp instructors
  • Bootcamp Nutrition Menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies devised by resident nutritionists
  • A Thalassotherapy pool session
  • A Champneys massage
  • Nutrition and fitness talks

What can you expect on a Champneys bootcamp?

They are very much tailored to the objectives of the individuals on each one. Bootcamps are held throughout the year. Once a camp is filled up, guests will receive a pre-consultation email or call to discuss what they really want to get out of it.

For most people it’s about eating well or exercising more. They are used as a bit of a kickstart for new habits. People then tend to come back once or twice a year to top up on their advice and stay motivated.

The food

The menu is calorie controlled, specifically designed to make sure you have enough energy for the day, but that you will also lose weight. For women it’s always 1500 calories, for men 1800 and it usually includes three meals and two snacks. They also encourage you to drink plenty of water throughout your stay.

The activities

There’s usually an activity around 7am before breakfast. That might be a walk or an energiser class in one of the gym areas. This activity is to help wake everyone up and it’s the basis of fasting cardio, which kick starts metabolism. Breakfast is roughly an hour later.

At 9am there are usually goal setting talks or a walk followed by a class such as ballet barre at 10am. Typically at 11.30 there is a class in the new Urban Gym such as a HIIT session. Then at midday there might be spinning or another high intensity session in one of the new cycle studios.

In the afternoon the pace slows down a little. You might have a session on the foam rollers to relax the muscles, Pilates or stretching. There’s a chance to do some water work such as aquafit. And the day will finish with a treatment before dinner. There’s usually up to six different workout sessions through the day, lasting around an hour each.


The bootcamp also includes wellbeing talks on topics including nutrition. The spa encourages you to enjoy spa treatments while you’re there such as Champneys Head in the Clouds to help switch off and encourage sleep. They also encourage use of the thalassotherapy pools to help with water retention and drainage.

Need to know about Champneys bootcamps

  • You can go with a friend or on your own. Either way you will meet people and there’s a great team building element to the bootcamps.
  • Everything at Champneys is about health and wellbeing. Even the way it feels as you walk in is different to other spas. It isn’t about a hen party or girly getaway, it’s about finding your own headspace and making yourself feel better.
  • The bootcamp is a great way to kickstart healthy habits and feel better about yourself.
  • It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, there’s something for everyone and trainers can adapt the exercises.
  • After you leave you can get personal workout plans or diets to continue the good work at home.

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