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Why it works: the De-puffing Cryo Facial at The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh 

The refreshing facial that harnesses the power of the cold with a little help from Harley Street

The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian is an exquisitely beautiful hotel complete with a unique Waldorf Astoria Spa. So it is fitting that their spa treatments would be just as unique and interesting as they are. One of their favourite additions to the facial treatments that they offer, is the Cryo Facial - designed to de-puff and restore the skin using the power of the cold. Here, Claire Doering, Waldorf Astoria Spa Manager, explains what it is and why it works.

Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian

What is the Cryo Facial?

It's a clinical skincare facial using the 111SKIN product line, created by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides.  It's 60-minutes long, and aims to oxygenate, define and detox the skin, designed to work without access to the Cryo machine. It is composed of massages that care for the skin three-dimensionally, using a special tool (Cryo globes) on the finest of lines and contouring the face for a refreshed glow. The unique 111SKIN Cryo globes aim to make skin appear firmer and more luminescent.

Where does the Cryo Facial come from?

The product and treatments are from 111SKIN, which is a clinical skincare brand, created by Dr. Yannis, who is an American and European board-certified plastic surgeon specialising in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation surgery. His practice is on Harley Street in London, and the products initially came from his desire to encourage recovery in his post-treatment patients. He was among the first surgeons to advocate non-surgical procedures, and the product line began with an inaugural healing serum before moving towards luxury facials that incorporate cold and heat to help restore, reset and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

What does the Cryo Facial do?

It's really good for anti-ageing, and it's very effective thanks to its clinical origins. The products themselves have an intense effect, but by using the Cryo globes, it intensifies the firming and activation of the skin. It's similar to the reaction of the muscles that you get in a Cryo chamber - it's about harnessing the power of the cold. 

Who is the Cryo Facial recommended for?

It's recommended for lots of people! The 111SKIN facials are really versatile, so it depends what you want to achieve. There's no limit on age because you can adapt it for the client. The products are clinical but they're also gentle, designed by a surgeon thinking about patient recovery.

If you're feeling tired and want an uplifting facial then it's great - you can feel that way in your 20s or at any age! Equally, if like me, you're  40 and concerned about ageing then it's wonderful. If you're a mum who hasn't slept in a year and just want to feel more like yourself then it's great. It's also suitable for men. 

Who is it not recommended for?

Although the products are gentle, the Cryo Facial isn't recommended for sensitive skin or if you have any active skin conditions. It's also not recommended for anyone with a serious illness or going through cancer treatment.

What do you suggest before or after the treatment to make the most of it?

If you're in a spa the best thing is to use the leisure area - open up the pores with a swim, sauna, steam, which starts the cleansing process but also the relaxation process. Then after your facial, embrace the products! Try to leave them on the skin for the rest of the day, don't apply make-up, just let them work their magic. 

Of course, you can also follow up with purchasing the products if you enjoyed them, so you can take that routine home - why wouldn't you? That's the beauty of it not being a surgical procedure, they're clinical products that make you feel like you've really activated your skin!

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