Father's Day gift inspiration

For dads who deserve a little relaxation

Treat dad to the self care he deserves

This year, Father’s Day is being celebrated under peculiar circumstances. The physical impact that mental stresses over work, health and those of loved ones can have often creep up on us. We may not be fully aware that our shoulders have become hunched or that our brows are furrowed and our jaws are clenched, but if we take a moment to check in with our bodies it’s amazing what they will tell us and how much better they can feel after a little TLC.

As we begin to see the return to spas, to enjoy their wealth of treatments and facilities, as well as the knowledge and expertise that they provide, a spa voucher or spa booking to treat dads to the self care they deserve (and probably won’t book for themselves) could be just the Father's Day gift they really need.

Father's Day gift inspiration

Turn a voucher into the perfect gift for dad

The beautiful thing about a spa voucher is that it contains an experience to look forward to and offers great flexibility over travel dates. Enhance your gift by adding the 'For Him' gift set by Temple Spa to your gift card at the checkout.

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Benefits of massage for hard working dads this Father’s Day

Massage is the most booked spa treatment, and for good reason. In some places it accounts for around 70% of all treatments booked, and there’s a multitude of benefits of massage for hardworking and well deserving dads this Father’s Day.

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Spa experiences for men

Men are increasingly discovering the importance of taking time out of their busy lives to relax and recharge. We have a range of spa breaks and spa days for men, designed specifically by and for men.

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Golf and spa

Many of the most beautiful spa destinations are linked to some of the best golf courses in the country, making golf and spa the perfect combination for a weekend break of both activity and relaxation.

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