How do you do a teen spa day at home?

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Planning a teen spa day

Planning a teen spa day at home is, in itself, not that different to the one you might plan for yourself. A lovely combination of relaxing space, nice scents, music, herbal teas and a planned treatment can be wonderful for them to enjoy on their own, with friends, or for parents to share a little wellness with their kids. At this time in their lives, when they’re going through so much change, and probably a fair amount of self-criticism, spa experiences are a good way to help them be kind to themselves.

However, teenagers do have different needs to adults, especially when it comes to skincare. The main thing is how you wash the skin. While teenagers tend to be overzealous, it’s best to keep cleansers simple and gentle, finishing with a lightweight moisturiser.

Incorporating healthy eating into your spa day is also a lovely way to help teenagers enjoy their food and take care of their skin at the same time. Why not prepare a healthy lunch and pretend you’re looking out across the lawns of Champneys?

Choose an essential oil to help them relax. For teenage girls, for example, you might choose bergamot and geranium. The onset of menstruation can cause many symptoms from bloating to mood swings. These two balancing and uplifting essential oils harmonise to help alleviate symptoms.

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