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Pregnancy is a time of enormous joy, change, anxiety and excitement, and as a result it’s also a time when your mental and physical health and wellbeing needs are different, more acute and more specific than normal. For many women, the idea of a spa break during pregnancy is dreamy, but many are also concerned to make sure that whatever they do is safe both for them and their baby. The wonderful thing is that there are so many tailored options now available for mums-to-be, that are not only safe but also designed to address specific areas of concern during pregnancy so that you get the most out of it. From spa days to babyshowers and babymoons, here’s our guide to enjoying a safe and happy spa experience during pregnancy.

Your pregnancy spa questions

Can you use a spa whilst pregnant?

With more emphasis on baby showers and dedicated pregnancy spa treatments, the world of spa offers more beautiful experiences for mums-to-be than ever before.

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What spa treatments are safe when pregnant?

Depending on where you go there are a lot of maternal spa treatment options available. When it comes to spa treatments during pregnancy, the rules do differ from spa to spa.

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So, can I have a spa day when pregnant?

Spas are places of health, well being and making you feel cared for, and pregnancy is definitely a time in your life when you deserve to be pampered.

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Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

You can have massages during pregnancy. However, there are certain adaptations that need to be considered for the safety and comfort of you and your baby.

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Is it okay to get a facial when pregnant?

As with all spa treatments, it is perfectly okay to have a facial during pregnancy, but there are certain products and treatments that are best avoided until after you’ve had your baby.

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What beauty treatments are safe whilst pregnant?

When it comes to beauty treatments during pregnancy, some chemicals are not considered to be safe, so you may find that there are certain things that you will need to forego or adapt until after your baby is born.

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What massages are safe for pregnancy?

In general terms, massages during pregnancy are best kept gentle rather than too stimulating. To make sure they really offer what you need and are tested for safety during pregnancy, it is best to opt for a dedicated prenatal massage. These are available at most spas.

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Where can I go on a babymoon in the UK?

With so much about to change and a whole new life adventure to go on, taking time out to breathe, focus and clear your head is a fundamental part of self care. That’s what a babymoon is all about and a spa babymoon takes the personal wellness to a new level.

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