Real Men Relax

Breaking the stigma and encouraging men into spas to support health and wellbeing

Don't be a hero. The spa industry is here for you.

“Our campaign at this month, in line with Men's Health Week and Father's Day, is 'Real Men Relax'. I think men feel enormous pressure to push through when they're struggling, particularly when it comes to stress and anxiety (so do women, but we typically communicate differently). While it's not the solution to all things, taking time to relax - not just doing nothing, but proactively doing things to relax the body and its corresponding impact on mental and emotional health - can make a huge difference. It's not worth pushing yourself to breaking point. Don't be a hero. The spa industry is here for you."

- Abi Selby, Founder of -

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Raising awareness about key areas where men often need support, spa experiences offer holistic wellbeing, positive habits, and self-care space. Touch therapies provide powerful benefits, from easing anxiety to combating tiredness.

Give a man well-deserved rest or prioritise self-care with tailored treatments like massages, reflexology, golf and spa breaks, and wellbeing retreats. Taking time for yourself is a sign of strength.

There are many things the world tells us that 'real men' need to be doing. In reality, what everyone needs, including all real men, is time to relax.

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Spa experiences for men

Men are increasingly discovering the importance of taking time out of their busy lives to relax and recharge. We have a range of spa breaks and spa days for men, designed specifically by and for men.

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Golf and spa

Many of the most beautiful spa destinations are linked to some of the best golf courses in the country, making golf and spa the perfect combination for a weekend break of both activity and relaxation.

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Father's Day Gifts

No doubt your Dad is your hero and what better way to show him you care than with the gift of spa? Our gift cards are a great gift idea this Father's Day, giving him the chance to choose his own spa experience, or you can select something truly special for him.

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