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Benefits of massage for hard working dads this Father’s Day

There’s a multitude of benefits of massage for hardworking and well deserving dads this Father’s Day, here we explain some of the top reasons to have a massage and which spa experiences are tailored to father figures this month.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is the most booked spa treatment, and for good reason. In some places it accounts for around 70% of all treatments booked, and there’s a multitude of benefits of massage for hardworking and well deserving dads this Father’s Day. 

This year, Father’s Day is being celebrated under peculiar circumstances. There are signs that the world is beginning to move again but things are far from normal. Meanwhile, the physical impact that mental stresses over work, health and those of loved ones can have often creep up on us. We may not be fully aware that our shoulders have become hunched or that our brows are furrowed and our jaws are clenched, but if we take a moment to check in with our bodies it’s amazing what they will tell us and how much better they can feel after a little TLC.

As we begin to see the possibility of returning to spas to enjoy their wealth of treatments and facilities, as well as the knowledge and expertise that they provide, a spa voucher to treat dads this Father’s Day to the self care they deserve (and probably won’t book for themselves) could be just the gift he really needs.


Potential benefits of massage

Whilst we are often familiar with some of the physical benefits of massage, such as relieving aches and pains, they extend way beyond simply soothing muscles, especially at times of heightened anxiety. It’s the one time when we truly disconnect from the world around us, creating space for mental and physical recovery.

Every spa will have their own processes, and every person is different. There are plenty of massages that are designed specifically for men, and they may use particular products that are more suited to men’s skin or perhaps they target areas that are typically problematic for men. For example, men are often prone to lower back pain, so a massage might focus on that area. That said, therapists will always talk to you before your spa treatment to see which areas you would like to focus on and tailor the massage treatment accordingly.

  • Reduced anxiety, depressed mood and anger in breast cancer patients.
  • Increased vigour.
  • Reduced mood disturbances and perceived stress levels.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Reduced pain and improvement of mood, reduced stress levels.
  • Reduced perception of pain, nausea and increased relaxation.
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, general fatigue, motivation fatigue, and emotional fatigue.
  • Ease exercise soreness and help muscle recovery
  • Ease anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Massage helps to reduce muscle tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Help recover from soft tissue sports injuries
  • Nourish and tone the skin
  • Reduced mood disturbances and perceived stress levels
  • It can help boost your immune system
  • Increase mobility and flexibility

Father's day spa experiences

Refresh Morning at Guildford Manor Hotel

For those short on time or dipping their toe into the world of spa for the first time, the Refresh Morning package at Guildford Manor Hotel is perfect. A chance to explore the spa facilities, take time away from the white noise of daily life, it's complete with a two-course lunch and leaves time for another activity in the afternoon.

Book a spa break at Guildford Manor Hotel and Spa

Unwind and Dine at The Bridge Hotel and Spa

Perhaps he will spend the day playing golf or enjoying a favourite pastime with the family. Come the evening, take a few hours to rest, relax and recover with three hours using the pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi - the outside hot tub is a favourite. One he feels his best, enjoy a glass of bubbly and a two course meal - it's the perfect treat to share with your dad.

Book a spa break at The Bridge Hotel and Spa
London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

Morning Spa Escape at London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

For a truly luxurious wellbeing experience this Father's Day, take a look at the Morning Spa Escape at London Marriott Hotel Park Lane. This five-star hotel in the heart of London is a veritable wellbeing playground with the pool being a favourite experience. The spa day includes a 60 minute massage, time in the spa, and a three-course tasting menu for lunch. The question is whether he will ever want to leave!?

Book a spa break at London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

Relax and Restore at New Bath Hotel and Spa

The clue is in the title on this one - the Relax and Restore spa day at New Bath Hotel and Spa, invites you to spend time in this beautiful hotel and spa, and leave feeling a hundred times better. In the historic spa town of Matlock Bath, the spa is in a 17th century building and lets you enjoy the benefits of the outdoor thermal spring swimming pool before a 25-minute treatment, choosing from a selection of ESPA classics. Finish the day with a sumptuous cream tea - the cherry on top.

Book a spa break at New Bath Hotel and Spa

Sonoma Retreat Spa Day at Donnington Valley

Donnington Valley is a perennial favourite amongst all spa-goers, with a little bit of everything to suit everyone and every occasion. Surrounded by an 18-hole golf course, you might get in a round before heading to the spa to ease aching muscles. Then, on the Sonoma Retreat Spa Day, enjoy a 25-minute treatment, a bento box lunch or afternoon tea, a refreshing smoothie and a a Donnington Valley gift to take home with you.

Book a spa break at Donnington Valley
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