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Celebrating time together in February

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Celebrating time together in February

January might have been the month of me-time, but February is an opportunity to spend quality time with the people we care about the most. Few places offer that kind of uninterrupted opportunity, like a spa break.

February is the month typically associated with Valentine’s Day. However, this month of celebrating love and togetherness doesn’t just have to be about spending quality time with your partner.

Whether you are craving time to get to know a new love, or perhaps you haven’t been able to sit down with your mum in longer than you can remember. Whether your husband or wife has been working so hard that you barely get to say hello, or your best friend is about to have a baby and you haven’t had a chance to ask her how she’s feeling.

A spa day or break is a caring and thoughtful way to have fun, show you care and remove all the interruptions, making sure you and the people you care about get the chance to enjoy meaningful, quality time together.

That’s why this February, we’re spreading the love, not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

Our guide for making more time together

For us, this month is all about appreciating the people that mean the most to us. Whether you are celebrating your partner or your best friends, the ultimate goal is to spend quality time together, and you would be hard pushed to find a better way to do that, than a spa day or break.

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Top places to spa with friends

Some of life's most important relationships are those between friends. Take advantage of our current group offers, get the girls together and celebrate your valued friendship with

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Langley Hammam Vip Suite

Our favourite VIP suites for couples

Whether you’re planning a perfect day of quality time with someone you love for a special occasion or ‘just because’, here are our Elysium Collection spas with beautiful VIP suites to make your experience extra special…

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Avoid the crowds with a Twilight break

For those who would desperately like a break but can just never find the time, a Twilight retreat is just the answer you’ve been looking for. Treat your other half or best friend to a surprise Twilight spa break on a weekday after work to add extra feel-good factor and avoid the weekend crowds.

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Gifts that give you something to look forward to

Our spa gift vouchers are the perfect gift for treating someone special. A gift that gives you something to look forward to carries all the more meaning. With three different voucher options and various beauty box add ons, you can easily create a truly thoughtful package with

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Setting an intention for more quality time together

The reality is that time together isn’t just for Valentine’s Day but it is a good reminder of how nice it feels to do something special with the person we love. So why not use it as a chance to set a new intention to spend more quality time together? Pick a date in the future and book a spa break together 'just because'.

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