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... teaquila if you will.

This is the year we are indulging in British classics. Her Majesty is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee and it feels incumbent upon us to tuck into as many cucumber sandwiches as humanly possible. There are some spa hotels however, who are really taking things up a notch. Enter stage left, NYX Hotel London Holborn by Leonardo Hotels and their tequila twist on afternoon tea - teaquila if you will.

The legend of tequila

According to the hotel:

"The legend of Tequila says that during a heavy thunderstorm, farmer Jalisco was looking out on his field of Blue Agave plants when one of the plants was struck by lightning. By surprise, he discovered the precious liquid inside the core of the plant. He decided to try and distil it and that’s where the story was born! Due to the success of Tequila, along with the inability to cope with the demand of this noble white liquid, there was a need to protect the Blue Agave plants from being stolen and transferred to other regions of the country. This resulted in the recognition of Tequila as ONLY those products with 51% and above of Blue Agave grown in the region of Jalisco!"

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What does teaquila include

So you know what a classic afternoon tea looks like, but what about teaquila? The menu is a real feast of unique twists on the classic cake and sandwiches - tacos, burritos, and even tequila infused jam!


For the savoury component, tuck into:

  • Mini tacos with chipotle chicken, green mango, sour cream and chilli stuffed baby peppers with Mexican beef.
  • Salmon tartare cones
  • Tequila grilled shrimp
  • Veggie mini burrito


  • NYX cookies
  • Classic scones with tequila infused jam and clotted cream
  • Dark chocolate and chilli brownie
  • Key lime chilli posset
  • Macaroon
  • Seasonal fresh fruit tart


  • La Margarita 14: Volcan tequila blanco, fresh lime juice, agave syrup
  • Guarita 14: Volcan tequila blanco, fresh lime juice, agave syrup, fresh grapefruit juice, a pinch of salt
  • La Isla Espiritu 16: coconut water, Volcan de mi Tierra Anejo Cristalino, creme de cacao white
  • Ultimate Margarita 16: Volcan de mi Tierra Anejo Cristalino, Dom Benedictine, fresh lime juice, pink Himalayan salt, orange juice

... and of course plenty of tea.

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