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#bekindtoyou: TV presenter Charlotte Coleman on feeling your best as a new mum

TV presenter Charlotte Coleman gives her top five tips for feeling your best as a new mum…

charlotte coleman

Take a shopping trip to Primark

It doesn’t sound exciting but it’s a cheap way of feeling better. Finding clothes that fit you, that aren’t maternity clothes and haven’t cost a fortune means that you don’t feel bad about throwing them away when you have shed the baby weight.

Have your haircut

Get someone to look after the baby for an hour or so and get yourself feeling like you again (plus that little bit of you time getting away from it all with a magazine in the hairdressers).

Go on a date with your husband/boyfriend

It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, just go out, just the two of you and try to remember what it was like before your world was turned upside down!

Get the right bra

Your size will probably change over the course of the first few months but having the right size does help and once you stop breastfeeding, splash and and buy a sexy one.

Listen to your body

If you need to sleep and it’s the middle of the day (although I know it’s easier said than done) try and forget the housework and the washing that needs to be done and have a nap when your baby is sleeping to reenergise and make you feel better.

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