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Five reasons to visit Crewe Hall in the winter

A beautiful red brick building worthy of the most elegant period dramas, Crewe Hall in Cheshire provides the setting for a spa experience that makes you feel like a princess. Go for the yoga, go for the facilities, but most of all, go for the sheer beauty of it all… especially for a romantic winter break… here’s five reasons why…

1.It’s incredibly grand so when you visit, keep your fingers crossed for snow because that would be seriously pretty. There’s a new side and an old side of the property and a beautiful chapel, so say hello to winter weddings!

crewe hall tea

2.The afternoon tea has won lots of awards and it’s in beautiful room - so tuck in!

crewe hall grounds

3.The grounds are beautiful so wrap up and go for a winter walk.

crewe hall relaxation

4.It’s dark and cosy in the relaxation lounge, making it perfect for an afternoon snooze.

crewe hall rituals

5.The QHotels signature rituals are 50 minutes long and come with a number of different experiences according to preference. When in Rome…

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