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Have beach, have body, have confidence rocking swimwear

No one knows body confidence quite like the team at Curvy Kate, so when it comes to perfect swimwear for every shape, they’ve got it spot on. Here’s their guide to summer swimwear for all body shapes…

It’s the holidays, and that can only mean one thing… swimwear! Woohoo!

Now I know that a lot of women shake at the thought of putting on a bikini come summer, but here at Curvy Kate we think every woman has the right to feel fabulous in her swimwear no matter what her shape, size or stature. We want women to be excited about getting in their bikinis and showing the world their gorgeous and curvaceous bodies with pride. So here goes…the ultimate swimwear guide for every shape.

Body shape: apple

Apple Shape

This usually means you’re pretty well proportioned but that you have little waist definition. Fear not as you more than likely have fabulous legs or a cracking pair of boobs so let’s show those off with the style choices below…

  • Tankinis: these are great as you are in control of the amount of coverage you get. If your stomach is the area you can’t quite bring yourself to love just yet then this might be the perfect style for you. Equally by covering your torso it allows those gorgeous legs of yours to shine and be seen!
  • Bikini tops: you’re incredibly lucky as apple shapes can get away with any style of bikini top, if you have fabulous boobs then try a few styles and see which gives your girls the most lift! Give your boobs the spotlight!!
  • Briefs: the best briefs for apple shaped girls have to be the skirted brief. It adds volume which makes the hips appear wider and the waist appear smaller (it’s a clever little secret so just keep it to yourselves…)
  • All- in-ones: these are great for apple shapes; invest in a swimsuit with ruching or panels that help to add definition to your waist.

Body shape: pear

Pear Shape

This means that you have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust and your hips/bum/thighs are your widest part. An enviable figure to say the least! It also means you have a very defined waist that should be showed off to the maximum. The following styles will have you singing from your hotel balcony you’ll feel so amazing…

  • Bikini tops: go for either a padded plunge with straps to make the most of your boobs and cleavage or pick a strapless bandeau style bra that give the appearance of a wider chest that then balances out lovely curvaceous bum.
  • Briefs: a smaller brief will give the illusion of smaller hips so choose a tie-side or mini brief, this will make your bum look super sexy and the set on the whole will really flatter your figure.

Body shape: Inverted triangle

Inverted Triangle

The opposite of pear shape, this body type is wider up top with slim hips and legs. You may be top heavy in the boob department or you may have broad shoulders or you may have both but either way with these sets you will be looking smoking on the beach…

  • Bikini tops: halter necks will be your friends! Invest in a halter neck that gives your boobs great support while giving your shoulders a more narrowed appearance.
  • Briefs: let’s give you some volume! Skirted and full briefs will broaden your hips and balance them with your shoulders, resulting an amazing bikini body ready to flaunt to the world!

Body shape: athletic

The sporty one! This usually means you have a slim torso with little waist definition but amazingly toned arms and legs so let’s show them off with the following styles…

  • Bikini tops: you’re lucky as you can wear any type of bikini top, just choose a style that gives your boobs the greatest lift and look. Drawing attention to the girls can never be a bad thing!
  • Briefs: you’re body shape looks great in almost anything but if you’re craving curves then add some volume with larger or skirted briefs. A high-waist style would really synch in your waist and create the illusion of a curvaceous frame.

Body shape: hourglass


This enviable shape looks good in just about any bikini style. With a fuller bust and broad and womanly hips with a small nipped in waist your shape is easy to dress as long as you accentuate the best bits! Make the most of your boobs by showing them off and flaunt your tiny waist with figure hugging pieces. The below styles are what will suit your body….

  • Bikini tops: any style of top will look great on your voluptuous bosom as long as the fit is right! Try an underwired bikini with straps to give the girls maximum support and lift which will ultimately make them look more youthful and perky (and also lift them up so we can see your enviable waistline).
  • Tankinis: this style is great as it is figure hugging but not to revealing - it shows your shape but without giving away too much.
  • All-in-one: again this figure hugging style can really show off your shape but while being quite modest. As long as you choose a style with a correctly fitting bra you will look fabulous on your summer holiday.
  • Briefs: yet again, almost all styles will look fabulous on you but if you are trying to shy away from your curvaceous frame then choose smaller briefs that don’t add any volume to your hip-width.

So overall what we can take from this is that everyone is different, we all have different shapes and we all deserve to love what we have, even if it takes a little coaxing and flattery to get us to a point where we are happy…

Let me know how you feel in your bikini this year and if you’re afraid then try the tricks and see if it can get you a few steps closer to self-love… go on, we dare you to love you!

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