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Hoar Cross Hall: the spa experience without limits

Hoar Cross Hall

Spas across the UK have been working hard to adapt in order to be able to operate at the same time as being Covid secure this year. At Hoar Cross Hall however, they have been able to maintain that same sense of luxury we know and love whilst still adapting to keep us all safe. So, what can you expect?

What the spa has done at Hoar Cross Hall

When you arrive at the spa they have created dedicated entrances for members, hotel guests and day spa guests. Once in the spa, you will be allocated a personal locker with dedicated key, and a fresh robe and slippers for you.

While they can’t open the steam rooms and saunas at the time of writing, at 85,000 square feet, the spa at Hoar Cross Hall has enough space to make sure we can stay socially distanced without impinging on our spa experience. 

With two swimming pools, three hot tubs and ample relaxation space, the spa is able to operate without placing time restrictions on guests when they use the wet facilities. 

They have removed some of the loungers around the pool to aid social distancing. The number of guests using the spa is also capped to maintain social distancing measures. However, Hoar Cross Hall has always been careful not to overcrowd the spa to help maintain a sense of tranquility, so that hasn’t changed things dramatically.

During lockdown they have also redeveloped the boutique and atrium to make it a much more spacious and enjoyable experience, adding another dimension to the spa.

What happens during spa treatments?

The spa has 41 treatment rooms so there’s lots of space for therapies. They have relocated and redone the treatment collection area, relocating it to allow for more space and a better experience.

When it comes to treatments, everything is available except for facials now, in line with Government guidelines. All body treatments, scrub, wraps, massages are yours for the booking. The team has a 20 minute turnover time between therapies, during which they are able to fully clean and sanitise all surfaces and touch points as well as change all the fresh linens. Meanwhile, during treatments therapists wear all the necessary PPE including a face visor.

Hoar Cross Hall Heritage room

What happens in Hoar Cross Hall hotel?

The hotel staggers arrival times to help with a relaxed and anxiety free, socially distant arrival. They have also refurbished a variety of their rooms. guests are automatically allocated The Country is the room type with packages, but can upgrade to the Heritage rooms for £100 per night.  Further upgrades are also available for additional supplements.

When it comes to dining, the hotel takes bookings for lunch and dinner as normal, but now they also take bookings for breakfast. The buffet has gone, so everything is table service and tables have been rearranged for space while staff have been trained to deliver food and customer service securely. After you have booked your spa break they will contact you and make arrangements for restaurant bookings directly.

What do guests need to do?

For the most part, guests just need to turn up and have a nice time, observing the normal social distancing requirements as you would anywhere else. Do remember your face mask as it’s now mandatory to wear them in lobbies, receptions, hair salons and during your treatments as well. The spa and hotel ask that you wash your hands on entering the building, and there’s plenty of sanitiser around reminding you to keep cleansing regularly.

So far, feedback shows that everyone is enjoying Hoar Cross Hall as much as ever, feeling safe at the same time. Long may it continue!


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