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Immaculate Conception: Fertility Treatment With a Twist

Fertility treatment that goes the extra mile, SHA Wellness Clinic SHA Wellness Clinic provides the environment as well as the expertise to improve the chances of conceiving on their Fertility Success programme …____

What are the most common reasons that people struggle to conceive?

The most important reasons are the age of the patient and the pathologies that they could have. Furthermore, all those external aspects that affect our health are also important hurdles to conceive: obesity, tobacco, toxics, pollution …

What do you find women and couples worry about the most?

When they come to SHA, most of couples are not only worried about not having children but also the state of their health. They are aware that they are not leading a healthy lifestyle and are willing to change it to improve not only their chances of conceiving but also their overall health.  Women are particularly concerned about whether their bodies will be able conceive a child despite their age and their health problems.  Our mission is to let them know that natural therapies and healthy nutrition will help to improve their health and will increase the possibilities of success.

What lifestyle factors can affect fertility?

Fertility is an increasing problem in today’s society and couples who are looking to have children and have trouble decide to try other ways apart from the most classical ones.  It is proven that there is a whole set of facts that affect fertility, such as snuff, alcohol, obesity or stress. A woman is not just a reproduction system; they are always influenced by nutrition, lifestyle, and relaxation, and a wellness clinic is the best place to learn how to improve those elements.  It is all about having healthy habits following a healthy diet, being happy and relaxed … recommendations for the fertility success rate to be higher.

Why is stress a particular problem?

Stress is linked to reproductive processes on several levels; the chronic stress because they cannot get pregnant, acute stress produced by the technique of fertilization, and very acute stress from failure of an antique reproduction process. These are extreme cases in which it is not possible to reach the desired pregnancy, the combination of the two treatments themselves that prevent women physically and emotionally to deal with it properly.

How long does it typically take for changes in lifestyle to have an impact on fertility?

Health results can be obtained in only two weeks, depending on the person. But normally in 15 days our body starts to feel our lifestyle changes and improves its function. However, although positive changes in lifestyle will have an immediate impact on fertility, according to the severity of energetic and physical blockages, becoming fertile may take up to a year. Typically a younger or middle aged woman will have good results after three months.

How does diet affect fertility?  Are there particular foods you should avoid or consume?

Nutrition is our body’s fuel and to have health, balance and fertility, we have to provide our system with optimal nutrients. Your diet matters. Your blood carries vital nutrients to your organs, tissues and skin so the richer your blood’s nutrient base, the healthier you are. If your food choices are poor, you will have deficient nutrients and blood toxicity which will result in body and organ dysfunction, and fertility will suffer.  Bad nutrition is one of the main problems of today’s society and many women are not aware of how unhealthy they eat. Many of them think they are healthy but they aren’t because they don’t really know what they need to eat: pulses and vegetables should be the main ingredients of their diet.  Harvard performed a recent study that showed an 80% decrease in infertility with the lifestyle changes made by switching to a fertility diet.

You recommend acupuncture as part of your fertility programme - how can acupuncture help?

Each of the treatments included have been specially thought for increasing fertility. For example, acupuncture increases blood flow to the endometrium, helping to facilitate a thick, rich lining. Ginger compresses or baths are a bodywork option to promote circulation in the pelvic region and stimulate immunity for fibroid reduction. And several studies certify that meditation and relaxation techniques optimize your fertility in a natural way. So, all these treatments together can considerably increase the fertility success rate.

What basic changes do you recommend people make to their lives when they are trying to conceive?

As we have previously said, the main lifestyle changes we promote are: to follow a healthy nutrition that will help to conceive, to practise daily exercise and relaxation techniques, and to apply some natural tips  and remedies such as ginger compresses, Taro poultices or Bulgarian Rose oil that will help them in their purpose of conceiving.

Fertility treatment can be stressful for the body, what is your top recommendation for supporting the body throughout?

Clearly fertility treatments are associated with an increased anxiety about the possibility of not achieving pregnancy, or even to confront some unknown techniques. However with SHA procedures patients relax and feel better, so the probability of pregnancy increases.  All holistic medicine attempts to improve the natural healing powers of the organism, the ways in which tissues interact and influence the environment. It is known to all that prenatal preparation will positively influence pregnancy with improvements in nutrition, the metabolic system, etc

In addition to an increased likelihood of conception, are there general health benefits that clients tend to see on your fertility program?

Many natural therapies and spa treatments are usually included in a holistic approach to health as many studies have shown their positive effects in people’s health and wellbeing. In fact, many doctors recommend enjoying some massages and other natural treatments to improve their health state. And in the case of fertility, women’s overall sense of wellbeing is especially important.  SHA’s main objective is that all guests, after a pleasant stay, feel more vital, healthy and young, with a healthier appearance, leaving them inwardly and outwardly renewed, producing a fundamental change in the organism, with an improved quality of life, thus slowing down the ageing process and preventing illnesses.

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